The Best Traveling Dogs on Instagram

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Have Dog, Will Travel

We’re not the only pups stretching our travel paws on Instagram. These pups have caught the travel bug too, with no plans of slowing down. They inspire us, awe us, and motivate us to get out there! Here are some of our favorite fellow four legged travelers.

Dogs Who Travel


In 2017 , Ella Bean visited Paris, Nantucket, Aruba, Colorado, Napa, the Hamptons. Now joined by her new sibling Coco Bean, she’s planning to hit the road with a partner. Ella loves adventure, luxury, and living the good life. This puppy mill survivor deserves it! We can’t wait to see where this #jetsetbean heads to next! 


Originally from Italy, Miami was adopted from a kennel when he was 7 months old. Since then, he’s been on the road with his mom, who works in the hospitality business. She brings him along on her travels, visiting over 14 US States, and landmarks like Graceland and the Golden Gate Bridge. Miami loves to stay in Kimpton hotels, and can always be found wearing his signature color red. 


Based in – duh – Colorado, rescue pup Henry loves to explore the Colorado wilderness with his mom. They recently added rescue cat Baloo to the mix, with Henry teaching his new feline sibling the ropes in the great outdoors. The two enjoy hiking, camping, and snuggling up in tents. 


Max and Louise are a  pair of Parson Russell Terriers who love to travel. They’ve been to beaches in Greece, ski slopes in Austria, and Chateaus in France. This jetsetting duo has no plans to slow down, and keep a travel blog featuring their latest photos and destinations. 


Bandito and Luigi, aka Pug and Cat, have been best friends since they were babies. They are the first ever pug and cat duo to walk the Camino de Santiago route, along with their two owners. They covered around 12 miles a day, and over 400 miles total, traversing Spain in their trusty stroller. Now that the adventure is over, the duo have no plans of slowing down, and continue to visit National Parks and go on road trips.


When a Ukrainian couple traveling through India stumbled across a stray puppy, they couldn’t leave her behind. They named her Chapati and took her along with them. Chapatic has traveled all over Asia and Europe, with her new parents documenting her adventures on Instagram and Facebook. From Indian stray to world traveler!


This rescue pup loves to travel in style. Recently joined by her new baby brother, Thumbelina has vacationed with her family in places like Palm Springs, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, and France. Her parents describe her as a pampered lover of leisure, who’s ready to go anywhere in her handbag. 
About Boogie

Hi! This is our dog Boogie, the traveling pug. He's been on over 20 flights to three continents. We're here to show you how to travel with your dog. Join us as we take planes, trains, and automobiles to different parts of the world.



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