The Best Traveling Dogs on Instagram

Have dog, will travel.

We’re not the only pups stretching our travel paws on Instagram.

These pups have caught the travel bug too, with no plans of slowing down. They inspire us, awe us, and motivate us to get out there!

Here are some of our favorite fellow four legged travelers on Instagram. 

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1. Ella Bean


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mentally on a private ⛵️ in positano after linguine snax. #tbt #jetsetbean ✈️ {reliving some #jetsetbean travel memories while we are safely at home!}

A post shared by ella, coconut & fifi bean (@ellabeanthedog) on

In 2017, Ella Bean visited Paris, Nantucket, Aruba, Colorado, Napa, the Hamptons.

Now, joined by her new siblings Coco Bean and Fifi Von Bean, she’s planning to hit the road with her partners.

Ella loves adventure, luxury, and living the good life. This puppy mill survivor deserves it! We can’t wait to see where this #jetsetbean heads to next! 

2. Miami the Traveller Dog

Originally from Italy, Miami was adopted from a kennel when he was 7 months old.

Since then, he’s been on the road with his mom, who works in the hospitality business. She brings him along on her travels, visiting over 14 US States, and landmarks like Graceland and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Miami loves to stay in Kimpton hotels, and can always be found wearing his signature color red. 

3. Henry the Colorado Dog


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a good squeeze is all you need ☺️

A post shared by Henry + Baloo (@henrythecoloradodog) on

Based in – duh – Colorado, rescue pup Henry, known as the Colorado dog, loves to explore the Colorado wilderness with his mom.

They recently added rescue cat Baloo to the mix, with Henry teaching his new feline sibling the ropes in the great outdoors.

The two enjoy hiking, camping, and snuggling up in tents. 

4. Max and Louise

Max and Louise are a pair of Parson Russell Terriers who love to travel.

They’ve been to beaches in Greece, ski slopes in Austria, and Chateaus in France.

This jetsetting duo is now a trio, with the addition of new brother John. The pack has no plans to slow down, and keep a travel blog featuring their latest photos and destinations. 

5. Traveling Chapati


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Taking selfies at mama’s birth town, Kropyvnytskyi (ex Kirovohrad) 😎

A post shared by traveling dog Chapati (@travelingchapati) on

When a Ukrainian couple traveling through India stumbled across a stray puppy, they couldn’t leave her behind. They named her Chapati and took her along with them.

After being rescued, Chapatic traveled all over Asia and Europe, with her new parents documenting her adventures on Instagram and Facebook. From Indian stray to world traveler!

6. Thumbelina

This rescue pup loves to travel in style. Recently joined by her new baby brother, Thumbelina has vacationed with her family in places like Palm Springs, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, and France.

Her parents describe her as a pampered lover of leisure, who’s ready to go anywhere in her handbag. 

7. Weston and Fira

Frenchie duo Weston and Fira are fans of the good things in life. They love sharing their favorite dog-friendly restaurants, showing off their impeccable travel style, and lounging in the best hotel beds they can find. 

Follow them and check out their best tips on living a chic life of leisure. 

8. Travel with Leia


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Made it to France! Here we’re meeting up with some friends that I met in Africa ❤️. Weather is nice, Leia is happy and the company couldn’t have been better 😍 ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ #travelwithdogs #travelwithdog #travelwithdogeurope #dogpacker #fralla #franskbulldog #franskbulldognorge #franskbulldogsverige #frenchbulldog #backpackingeurope #backpackingdog #backpackingdogs #adventuredogs #dog #dogofthedayjp #pets #ilovemydog #traveldog #traveleurope #travel #wanderlust #traveldogs #france #france🇫🇷 #chambery #lacdubourget #frankrike #lake

A post shared by Leia the backpacking frenchie (@travelwithleia) on

French Bulldog Leia and her mom Maria prove that it’s possible to backpack around Europe on a shoestring.

Originally from Oslo in Norway, these two have been all over Europe and are always looking for adventure. 

9. The Tropical Dog

Maria adopted her dog Shark when she was living and working in Mauritius in 2015.

Since then, they’ve visited multiple continents, traveling to Morocco, France, Greece, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, the USA and Cyprus. 

When they’re not on the road, they’re exploring their home base of Greece, and sharing beautiful pictures that are sure to give you wanderlust. 

10. Duke, Duchess, and Moses


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#duomodimilano #throwback #dogonvacation #milan #goldenretriever #goldenretrievergram #dogofinstagram #petstagram #狗狗歐遊99天

A post shared by Duke & Duchess of Parmaham🇭🇰 (@duke.duchess.moses) on

Duke and Duchess were Golden Retrievers from Hong Kong who traveled extensively.

They visited 12 countries in Europe, as well as Japan and all over their home town. 

Sadly, Duke passed away in 2019, but new dog Moses joined the pack in 2020. 

11. Alison Travels


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Heading into the weekend like…

A post shared by Alison Turner (@alisontravels) on

Alison is a solo traveler who lives in a van with her three rescue pups. 

The four of them love adventure and driving all around the country. They’ve visited 40+ states and have taken endless road trips. 

When Alison isn’t with her pack, she’s volunteering at an animal shelter and fostering adoptable dogs. 

12. Ollie

Ollie the wire haired terrier mix loves to travel around the four corners (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona) with his dad. 

They love to climb mountains together, and have reached peaks that reach above 14,000 ft!

Besides on a mountaintop, you can find Ollie trail running or dozing by a campfire. 

13. Jasper


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Skillz 💯

A post shared by Jasper (@jazz.paws) on

Jasper is all about spending time outdoors and living that van life.

His owner Whitney built a platform bed in the back of her SUV, and the two of them love to hit the road and explore.

Jasper’s an expert swimmer, outdoor adventurer, and he’s really good at standing on rocks!

14. Maya

I bet Maya the mini Husky has been on more flights than the average human – she’s currently flown 264 times, and by the time you’re reading this, that number is sure to have gone up.

Besides racking up miles, Maya loves to hotel hop and spend the day with her humans. 

Catch her in the air or while you’re browsing Instagram. 

15. Rocky


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Shaking it off on the streets of London! Can’t wait to walk around and explore the big city again! Have you ever been to London and what did you like about it?

A post shared by Rocky the Traveller (@rockythetraveller) on

Rocky the traveler has been to 22 countries around the world with his human Danny by his side. They’ve been all around the USA and Europe, traveling non-stop for four years. 

He lives by his motto – “around the world, one paw at a time.”

Are there any traveling dogs you follow on Instagram that aren’t on list list? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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The Best Traveling Dogs on Instagram

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