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One of the best parts of being on Instagram is meeting other dedicated and creative dog moms, both virtually and IRL! Here are some of our favorites. 

We’re big fans of Instagram and very active in the dog community. One of the best parts of being on this social network is meeting other dedicated and creative dog moms, both virtually and IRL! Following them to get a glimpse of their passions – canine and otherwise – is always fun and inspiring. Here are some of our favorites. 

Crafty Hong Sisters

I met sisters Yumee and Yeon-Mee years ago when we all volunteered for the same pug rescue. Since then, we’ve eaten together, DIY’ed together, and hung out with pugs together. They crochet, knit, and create the most beautiful items, many of which are pug-themed! Marcelo practically lives in a Crafty Hong Sisters sweater every winter (see here and here). The only thing greater than their love of crafting and insane talent is their generous spirit – you can find many of their items available at rescue auctions.

Psst: I heard rumors that they’re working towards creating a 2020 calendar of their pugs Macho Jerome, Mochi, and Marshmallow modeling their handmade sweaters. Swoon! 


Dana lives a double life as a college professor by day and a chronic knitter by night. She whips up incredible matching sweaters for herself and her two rescue dogs, Jellybean and Cher. Her Instagram is full of knitting creations and gorgeous photos of her pups (that blue wall!). Plus, her smile is contagious. Learn more about Dana and her knitting projects on her blog yards of happiness


Artist Gemma shares comics about daily life with her pug Mochi via her Instagram handle @157ofGemma. Mochi loves snacks, being carried up the stairs, and his mom. His hilarious antics make for cute and relatable comics that always put a smile on my face. And just when I thought things couldn’t get more adorable, Mochi adopted two baby brothers! With cuteness multiplied, Huey and Duey, aka the twinchis, round out the now family of five. 

Alana Jones-Mann

Designer and baker Alana Jones-Mann makes the coolest baked goods on Instagram. Her creations are almost too amazing to eat! She makes edible snow globe cupcakes, shaggy rug cakes, and cactus cupcakes that always leave me in awe. There must be a 70’s era disco party going on in her brain to come up with such innovative edible creations. Follow her for a constant treat for both your eyes and stomach. 

Fun fact: I met Alana on the streets of Brooklyn the day I adopted Boogie! I was in Williamsburg to pick him up, and she happened to be walking by. She stopped to pet Boogie and tell me she had two pugs of her own, and snapped a quick pic of him (and was kind enough to send it to me via Instagram and share it on her own feed!). It was the first picture of Boogie we had! That’s how I met my first pug mom, and learned about her eventual foray into baking. That was almost 8 years ago, and now she’s a full time baker and pug mom living in Los Angeles. Small world! 

Andrea Caceres

Andrea Caceres is a dog obsessed Venezuelan artist who lives in New York City. In 2018, she did a project called “A Dog A Day” in which she painted a different dog for each day of the year. We love her watercolor portraits and super chic style! You can also find her work on the wall of NYC dog cafe Boris & Horton, or on dog clothing and accessories for companies like Pawmiscuous and Barkholic. Check out her website, where she shares monthly freebies, like calendars, cards, and phone wallpapers. 

The Broke Dog

Rochelle is a Jack of all trades. She blogs about do-it-yourself dog-themed projects that are both entertaining and affordable. She knits, DIYs fun stuff like dog ornaments, and she has an amazing talent of including her dog Henry in her daily life. She’s set to wed soon, and has shared tutorials on DIY Dog Wedding Cake Toppers and DIY Dog Treat Wedding Favors, among other things. She’s also currently in the process of knitting a dog army! Is there something she can’t do? 

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One of the best parts of being on Instagram is meeting other dedicated and creative dog moms, both virtually and IRL! Here are some of our favorites. 

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One of the best parts of being on Instagram is meeting other dedicated and creative dog moms, both virtually and IRL! Here are some of our favorites. 
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