10 things you should know before getting a pug.


10 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Pug

Pugs are goofy, loyal, and loving little creatures, but there’s a lot more to them that people don’t realize! Here are 10 things you should know before getting a pug.

The Best Harness For Pugs: The Pug Community Weighs In

We asked the pug community: what’s the best harness you’ve used for your pug? Here are the harnesses most pug parents swore by.

10 Fun Facts About Pugs

There’s more to these lovable and charming little dogs than just good looks and sassy attitudes. Here are 10 fun facts about pugs.

This Pug Hikes Mountains: An Interview with Mack the Adventure Pug

Mack the adventure pug and his human Nate love to go on adventures together, camping and hiking all across the United States.

Can Pugs Fly? What You Need To Know About Planes and Pugs

Can pugs fly? Here’s the the low down on planes and pugs, and what you need to know before booking your next flight. Check it out!

Teach Your Dog to Hug

Teach your dog to hug! Plus, nineteen other fun tricks.

How To Help Your Pug Lose Weight

Pet obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Here’s how to help your pug lose weight, so they can stay healthy and live longer.

Pug Events Around the World

Learn about the biggest and best pug events around the world! From England, to Germany, and all across the USA. Which one is your favorite to attend?

All About #PugsTakePhilly

The pugs took over the city of brotherly love: Philadelphia! Learn all about #PugsTakePhilly and what went down. Go pugs!

All About #PugsTakeBoston

We spent an epic four days in Boston for #PugsTakeBoston, a meet up for pug lovers, pugs, and their humans.

Pug Prom 2018

It’s the moment every puggy waits for. PROM NIGHT!

We Went To Pug Camp!

Pug Camp is a dream vacation for pugs…and the humans who love them!

Otis’s 4th Birthday Pawty

Ain't no pawty like a pug pawty!

Pugs Picking Apples

The pugs went apple picking at Wright’s Farm in Gardiner, NY. It was a fun filled dog-friendly afternoon of picking apples, pugs, and pies.