A list of items pug owners like to keep stocked in their home. 

21 Products That Pug Owners Swear By

If you’re lucky enough to have a pug in your home, then you know they’re special little dogs. Pugs are a great addition to any family, as they’re incredibly versatile – they’re great with both old and young people, in cities or the country, and either solo or in a pack.

But despite being easy-going, there are still a few things that set the pug apart. Their flat faces, rolls and breathing issues mean that they need a few extra items that other dogs might not require. 

Keep reading to check out what items pug owners like to keep stocked in their home. 

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1. Pug Eggs

Pug Eggs

Although other dog owners may never have heard of this term, but most pug owners are familiar with pug eggs.

A pug egg is a plush squeaky egg toy that pugs love to play with. For some reason, pugs love them! You’ll seldom meet a pug who doesn’t. 

Get your pug some pug eggs here

2. The Fluff Trough

The Fluff Trough

The Fluff Trough is a an elevated dog feeder that was especially designed for flat faced breeds. 

The Fluff Trough has a wide, flat surface area, and features an open front design so your pet doesn’t have to bend their neck at a 90-degree angle to eat. This helps promote better digestion, as well as a more comfortable eating experience.

Get your Fluff Trough here

3. A dog bed – with chin rest!

Pugs are experts when it comes to relaxation and sleeping. For optimal comfort, they’ll need a good dog bed that’s extra fluffy, comfortable, and that has a chin rest. 

For some reason, chin rests are very important to pugs. Your hand, an arm rest, a pillow, a coffee table, pretty much any elevated surface will do. Maybe it’s because their heads are so heavy, but who can say?

This bed meets all of the requirements for a good pug bed – including the all important chin rest – it’s pug approved!

4. Nose Butter

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Flat faced dogs, like pugs, have sensitive noses. They are far more susceptible to dry noses than dogs with longer snouts. Dry noses don’t just look funky, they can peel, crack and be super painful.

Protect your pug’s nose with some nose butter. It will moisturize your pup’s snout, and protect and soothe. It’s a life saver, especially during cold winter months.

I like this nose butter that’s made with natural and organic ingredients and comes in a tube. 

5. Red Fur Stick


Even though they’re small, compact dogs, all pug owners know that pugs shed an insane amount. 

Their coat is very tightly-packed – it holds roughly 600 hairs per square inch! Compare that to a Yorkshire Terrier, who has only 100 to 200 hairs per square inch. 

Some pugs even have double coats, both an undercoat and topcoat of fur, meaning they shed even more. 

Add to that the fact that a pug’s hair growth cycle (growth, rest and shed) moves faster than your average dog, and you’ve got a chronic shedder! 

Pug owners know that stocking up on lint rollers won’t do – you’ll need these red magic sticks! They make removing fur from clothing, couches and cars a breeze. 

Get yours here

6. Harness

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While collars are great for displaying tags and pet information (name, contact number, rabies tags), they’re not optimal when it comes to walks. 

Pulling a dog on a collar can cause neck injuries, or worse; it can raise the amount of pressure in the eyes, or damage the thyroid gland. Since pugs have sensitive eyes and breathing issues to begin with, this is especially important to avoid. 

Harnesses provide more control over your pug, discourage pulling and jumping, and are especially great for dogs with respiratory issues and neck injuries, like pugs.

Get your pug a great harness that is comfortable, durable and safe. We made a list of the best harnesses for pugs here

7. Cooling Mat

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Never had I ever heard of a cooling mat before I got a pug.

But, if you live in hot and humid climates, you’ll definitely need one!

A cooling mat is a mat with a cool gel interior that is activated when touched. It gets – you guessed it – cool when you apply pressure, and relaxes and soothes your pet. It’s sort of like when a dog gets to stretch out on a cold tile floor. 

The best part about cooling mats is that they’re self-charging, and require no water, refrigeration, batteries or electricity to make them work. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to fold up and take on the go.

My pug uses his cooling mat in the summer months, and I put it in his travel carrier when we fly or go on a road trip.

Get your own cooling mat here

8. Cooling Vest

RUFFWEAR Jet Stream Vest

A cooling vest, like a cooling mat, is great way to keep your pug comfortable during the summer months, and is especially great for a pug on the go.

My pug wears his cooling vest on walks, hikes and especially hot days. 

Cooling vests use shading and evaporative cooling technology to keep your pug from overheating. All you have to do is soak the vest in water, wring it out, and zip it on to your pug. It’s lightweight and easy to pack, store, and carry. 

We recommend this Ruffwear Jet Stream Vest.

9. Sensitive skin shampoo

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While I love the stench of musty Fritos on my pug, I understand that others don’t feel the same way. But keeping pugs clean can be tricky; they’re sensitive little potatoes, and that includes their skin.  

That’s why you’ll need a gentle shampoo made of quality ingredients. That way you can scrub them clean, and not have to worry about rashes, itching or bumps later. 

We like Burt’s Bees Natural Shampoo for Dogs. It’s made with colloidal oat flour and honey, and is free of fragrances, sulfates, colorants and harsh chemicals. 

10. A pet ramp

A pet ramp.

Older pugs can develop issues with mobility or weakened back legs. A ramp helps protect your dog’s back and joints.

This ramp is adjustable to many different heights, making it compatible with most of the furniture in your house. Plus, it comes with a special Paw Traction Mat that is ribbed for maximum paw grip so your pug won’t slip.

11. Booties

A dog wearing Pawz.

Dog boots are great for a myriad of reasons: they protect your dog’s paws from hot pavement, sand, snow and salt, and keep dog’s paws clean of debris and dirt, among other things. They’re also great for older pugs who have issues with mobility and traction.

We’re big fans of Pawz dog boots, the dog boots that look like deflated balloons! The material is thin, so Boogie can feel the ground and feels secure. Plus, they’re great in all sorts of situations: on rainy days, in extreme weather conditions, and on tough terrain. Boogie is a size small (the red ones). 

12. Salmon Oil

Volunteering for rescues made me privy to the world of pug adoption. Here are some tips on how to navigate the experience and adopt your own pug. 

Your pug should have a healthy diet that includes important nutrients like omega fatty acids. They help keep your dog’s skin, joints, organs and heart healthy. 

We like to add salmon oil to our pug’s food every day. It’s rich in omegas that keep our pug healthy, and keep his skin and coat moist and shiny.

Zesty Paws and Grizzly both sell wild caught salmon oil that come in easy to use bottles with hand pumps. 

If your dog isn’t too into oil, check out these salmon chews. 

13. No hide rawhide

No-hide rawhides.

Rawhides give your dog hours of chewing pleasure and entertainment, but they also pose a huge risk. If not properly chewed, a large piece can get stuck in your pup’s esophagus or other parts of the digestive tract. This can cause your dog to choke, or create a blockage.

Since rawhides aren’t digestible, large pieces that are ingested can’t pass through and will require surgery. They’re not worth the risk. 

Earth Animal no-hide rawhides are a healthy alternative. They’re a long-lasting, easily digestible chew, with no added hormones, steroids or chemicals. Plus, they help maintain healthy teeth and gums, while being nutritious. Your dog will stay busy for hours, but with no added risks. 

14. ID Tag

Sitting pug.

While a naked pug is cute, a safe pug is even cuter. Keep your pug safe by displaying their ID tags in case they’re ever lost, or in the event of an accident. Better safe than sorry! 

We don’t use collars to walk our dogs, but we keep one on him to display his ID tags and vaccination info. There’s a bonus set attached to his harness as well. 

We like these simple tags that look good and last forever.

15. Wrinkle paste

If you own a pug, then you know that all of those wrinkles and folds can get pretty funky. 

Boogie used to get frequent yeast infections in his folds before we changed his diet and started using wrinkle paste. 

The wrinkle paste cleans and protects wrinkles by forming a water repellent barrier that helps keep moisture, fungus and bacteria at bay. 

We like the Squishface brand, which also sells wrinkle wipes and tear stain paste.

16. Ear cleaning solution

Besides wrinkle and fold maintenance, pugs need their ears cleaned regularly too. Have I mentioned that pugs are sensitive? 

Cleaning your dog’s ears with a solution helps to combat growth, infections and build up in your dog’s ear. 

Boogie was plagued with frequent ear infections when we adopted him, and this solution seemed to do the trick. Regular cleanings when we noticed him itching or rubbing his ear helped stop the awful cycle, and saved him a trip to the vet. 

17. No-stuffing toys

No stuffing dog toy.

While I love to promote play, I don’t like finding stuffing in my pug’s mouth, stuck in his folds, and all over the house.

Avoid this stuffed animal massacre scene and get your pug no-stuffing dog toys. 

They’ll still have fun playing, and you won’t have to deal with the stuffing. It’s a win/win. 

We buy these. They’re inexpensive and cute, and when they rip and get gross, they’re easy to replace. 

18. Kong

A dog with a kong in a field of grass.

Enrichment toys are a great way to keep your pug busy, their mind sharp and their life enjoyable.

Our favorites are Kong toys. They’re well made, durable and affordable. Plus, they’re super versatile. You can fill them with tasty treats, use them to mentally and physically stimulate your pup, and even bust one out during a training session. 

Learn about how to stuff your Kong and get over 100 Kong filler ideas. You can get your very own Kong here.

19. Grooming tools

Pug fur.

If you’re new to the pug life, then you might be surprised to learn that pugs shed an insane amount.

Yes, it’s true, these beloved little creatures have one significant downside: major fur loss.

The good news is, weekly brushings will help remove loose hair and keep the indoor shedding to a minimum. 

We like using the Thunderpaws De-Shedding Tool or this Pet Grooming Glove. You can read more about how to deal with a shedding pug here

20. Sweater 

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It’s true that the heat is rough on pugs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get cold. 

If you live in colder climates, or are traveling to one, make sure your pug stays snug with a sweater or jacket. I especially like to use them on winter walks. 

These sweaters are stylish and warm, and they fit round pugs! Check the sizing before ordering.

21. Toothbrush and dental chews

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Ooph. The dreaded dental. The bad news is they require your pug to be put under, but the good news is they’re preventable. 

Pugs, like other brachycephalic breeds, have breathing issues. Their flat faces make things like going under anesthesia risky, especially if your pug is overweight or older. 

Prevent the need for dentals with good oral care. Brush your pug’s teeth, give them dental chews, and feed them high quality food. The better you care for their oral health, the safer they’ll be in the long run. 

Our dogs love Greenies for dental chews, and we’ve had the best luck with brushing by using this finger brush toothbrush

What items are a must for the pug in your household? Share with us in the comments! 

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Rolls, wrinkles, and breathing issues set pugs apart. Here's a complete list of items pug owners like to keep stocked in their home. 

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