Travelogue: Philadelphia

Travelogue: Philadelphia

Presenting our first ever Travelogue: Philadelphia! Here’s a look into our short visit to the city of brotherly love- we can’t wait to go back!

Meet Two Dogs Who Live On a Sailboat

A greyhound dog in a life jacket stands on a beach.

Dogs Penny and Mondo live full time on a sailboat with their two humans. Learn about how these two Texan dogs got their sea legs and how their humans learned all about sailing with dogs.

43 Fun Photos of Dogs in Rio de Janeiro

Rio is incredibly dog friendly, and jam packed with pet stores, groomers, and dog meet ups. The city explodes with color and culture, making a visit any time of year super fun for two legged and four legged travelers alike. Here are 43 fun photos of dogs in Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy!

The Best Traveling Dogs on Instagram

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10 Reasons to Travel with your Dog

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