Golden Paste for Dogs

Golden Paste for Dogs

Golden paste, also known as turmeric paste, is like solid sunshine. This stuff is super healthy for both humans and dogs. There are so many benefits to adding turmeric paste to your dog’s diet, and the best part is that it’s super easy to make. Here’s our recipe, and how we use it.

A bunch of turmeric.

Benefits of Turmeric For Dogs

A quick search will lead you to countless clinical studies showing what turmeric can do for the body. Some of the benefits include:

  • Natural detox
  • Contains cancer fighting agents
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps with allergies
  • Has healthy benefits for the heart, liver, and digestive tract
  • Fights bacteria
  • Targets inflammation, pain, and skin irritations

Keep reading to see photos of the process and to read the recipe!

Golden Paste for Dogs
Organic turmeric.
Golden Paste for Dogs
Stirring in the ground pepper.
Golden Paste for Dogs
Finished product, cooled and in a jar. Congrats! You’ve just made turmeric paste for dogs!

Natural Turmeric.

Golden Paste for Dogs

Golden Paste for Dogs

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

There are so many benefits to adding golden paste to your dog’s diet, and the best part is that it’s super easy to make. Here’s our recipe, and how we use it.


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of turmeric powder
  • 4 tablespoons of organic coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons of ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon (optional)


  1. Mix the water and turmeric on low to medium heat. Keep stirring until it forms a nice paste.
  2. Add in the coconut oil, black pepper, and cinnamon (note that the cinnamon is optional). Keep stirring until all ingredients are mixed well.
  3. Let cool. Transfer paste to a glass mason jar and store in the refrigerator.


  • Turmeric stains! Make sure you’re wearing old clothes when cooking, and be careful not to spill.
  • It can last in the the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks, and longer in the freezer.
  • The rule of thumb is to give half a teaspoon of golden paste per 10kg of dog per day. If your dog is new to golden paste, start with a small dose and gradually increase.

Using Golden Paste

For the dogs: we add golden paste to their food up to 2x a day.

For the humans: we make golden milk lattes! Here’s how:

Heat 1 cup of almond milk on low heat. Mix in 1-2 teaspoon of golden paste, a pinch of ground or fresh ginger, ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon (if your golden paste doesn’t contain cinnamon already). Stir and serve.

Feel free to add in regular coffee or a shot of espresso. For extra flavor, mix in a few cardamom pods or a pinch of cayenne. 1 teaspoon of honey will do the trick if you have a sweet tooth.

Golden Paste for Dogs

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Golden paste is incredibly healthy for both dogs and humans. Here’s how to make golden paste for dogs, and a recipe for humans too.

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    1. Hi! We have, yes. Whenever we make a batch of golden paste, the dogs get some at least 1x per day. If your dog is new to golden paste, I’d let them try a small amount to begin with, and then build up to the recommended dose (half a teaspoon of golden paste per 10kg of dog).

  1. Thank you! I tried making the golden paste, but it didn’t thicken to a paste form. About how long do you cook it?

  2. what would you think about just adding a little turmeric and black pepper to your homemade dog food recipe (which I’m making as we speak) and adding a little coconut oil to the rice as it cooks? I have a 3 year old female pug who is super healthy but gaining weight a little too easily (thanks to grandma and a few others who spoil her), so I’m really grateful for your generosity with sharing your research and recipes!

    1. Hi Eva! Thanks for reading 🙂
      I’ve never added the turmeric directly to the food while making it, mostly because it would be harder to control how much turmeric they’re getting in each meal.
      If you’re up for trying, be sure to mix the turmeric and black pepper first, and then add it in (so you’re sure those are together). The black pepper is needed when digesting the turmeric. Also, measure out how much is going in, so your dog eats the suggested amount each day (half a teaspoon of golden paste per 10kg of dog per day). Good luck!

    2. I used to out coconut oil in my dogs food. But theres compelling new research saying oops we were wrong! It’s actually detrimental to both you and your dogs!
      Please help!

      1. Did anyone bother to ask or research Polynesian people on this topic? I’d think they’re more “experts” on how “terrible” coconut oil is for you than researchers being paid by who knows what company to say whatever they want them to say! Coconut oil is not detrimental to anyone’s health unless it’s refined and in too large a quantity. People lie with data all the time!

  3. Your dosage is way way overboard. You can’t give a dog 3 T of paste/day if they’re 60 pounds!! Also, this is not palatable. Other recipes are able to attract and keep dogs eating it.

    1. Hi,

      I think you’ve read the measurement wrong. It’s .5 teaspoon per 10kg (10kg = 22lbs). A 60lb dog is 27kg, so they’d get a little over a teaspoon.

      In regards to taste – this is meant to be mixed into your dogs food, not eaten straight. My dogs and I both eat it and it tastes fine (they probably can’t taste it much once it’s mixed in, since it’s such a small amount).

      Have a great New Year!

  4. Great article! We love golden paste for dogs. Did you know it can be used topically for cuts and rashes? Really something all dog owners should be aiming to give their furry loved ones on a regular basis.

    1. Hi! Yes, turmeric on its own definitely stains. Mix the golden paste into their food. Since it’s such a small amount, chances are things won’t get messy when your dog is eating.

  5. HI, If 4 month old puppy doesn’t eat the golden paste is there anything to add for taste so she would want to eat it. I have wrapped it in peanut butter however that is too much peanut butter everyday. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jil, I made golden paste, added coconut oil and mashed bananas, froze it and my dog loved it!

    2. Hi! Just mix it into their food. It’s such a small amount, they probably won’t notice it. You can also give it to them in other ways (treats, with broth, etc).

  6. I have been reading on how to make this and so many different receipts and unsure what black pepper to use? Can I use just regular black peper?

    1. Yes, it definitely helped my retired racing whippet who was lame and arthritic. I honestly believed it helped her live a few years longer! This is GREAT for doggie and human arthritis!

  7. And a note to newbies – if you smell cat pee, it’s not cat pee. lol The smell on your dog eventually goes away.

  8. Hi, I would like to use this for my dog to help slow her cancer. What are your thoughts on adding Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) and possibly Turkey Tail mushroom powder to the mix?

  9. When refrigerated – the paste hardens is that due to too much Coconut Oil? Why the need to refrigerate as both Turmeric and Coconut Oil are stored at room temp

  10. The paste really helps my 11 year. Old labradoodle who has disc problems so weakened legs but she hates the taste! She will eat it in her food, just! but I think it really ruins her mealtime pleasure! Any ideas how I can make it more palatable or sneak it in undetected?
    Ps my other greedy labradoodle doesn’t notice it!

    1. The recipe I’ve been using for years (because my older dog was indeed very picky!)

      1 cup water
      1/4 cup turmeric (not 1/2 a cup!!)
      1 tablespoon coconut oil
      1 pinch of black pepper (just regular grocery store stuff)
      2 tablespoons peanut butter
      1 tsp honey (preferably raw honey as it has a ton more health benefits but any will do!)

      Simmer water & all ingredients for around 5 minutes and stir with a whisk to help it not burn. Then I freeze it on a paper plate or parchment-lined cookie sheet and then break it up into little pieces to give as “treats” once or twice a day. {STORE in the freezer in a baggie or container once it’s broken up into pieces!}

      For a dog larger than 30lbs or 15kgs start with a US quarter-sized piece once a day and then add in another piece after a few days or else they may have poop issues. (Smaller dog, give smaller size pieces!)

      This is the easiest way I’ve ever found to get dogs to take it and the recipe is a lot easier on their stomachs and a lot more yummy! Plus freezing and storing in the freezer helps with not getting stains everywhere and making a mess! Just keep in the freezer and pop a treat out every day, easy peasy!

  11. I am wondering what thoughts are on using fresh turmeric? and how much would I grate to equal the powdered amount? Thank you!

  12. Have you tried making golden paste from fresh turmeric (curcumin root)? Do you have a recipe for it? Thank you!

  13. Please help! I used to put coconut oil in my dogs food. But compelling new research says its bad for them and for us too. I’ve read garlic is good for them.I’ve read garlic is bad for them. Same with coconut oil, pepper, And other things that other people recommend. Pulling my hair out in Az!

    1. Hi! I’ve read the research. The amount of coconut oil served is so small, that I don’t think it will have any major effect on my dogs. However, speak to your vet and do what is best and comfortable for you!

  14. Hi, I think one thing to always remember about research, is that researchers research a hypothesis according to who is paying them and/or what their bias is; and when it comes to ‘statistics’ it’s important to remember that when you use enough statistical methods, you can pretty well obtain a significant effect and correlation almost every time. In other words, if for example you’re trying to obtain a statistical effect that supports the hypothesis that coconut oil is bad for dogs or that golden paste has no effect, then you will be able to obtain a supporting result. Its also important to remember that Pro-western medicine will do research to undermine the effectiveness of natural therapies. Common sense needs to prevail.

  15. Hey,

    What’s the purpose of putting the cinnamon in there? I have used this paste on my five dogs for a few years now and you can definitely tell the difference but was just wondering the role that the cinnamon plays,

    Thanks 🙂

  16. I am going to try this for my senior dog who has terrible skin issues (major hair loss and always licking, biting his skin). Is it okay to also add a vitamin and if so what do you recommend?

    1. Hello Lori
      My 10 year old dog has been licking her feet obsessively for her whole life. Vets could find nothing wrong, she has had mild Osteoarthritis for about 3 years and limps when she gets up for a walk. I have been giving her Golden Paste for 6 months now. She is not limping and even better not licking the licking used to drive me nuts, her to I suppose. I have now started to take Golden Paste for my Osteo need a few more weeks to find out how effective it is for me.
      Cheers Janet

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