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The Hardest Countries to Travel to with a Dog

Thinking about heading to one of these places with your pup? Think carefully. You can do it, but it’ll take some serious time and money to get all of your ducks in a row. Here are the hardest countries to visit with a dog.


A Kangaroo in South Australia.

Who wouldn’t want to visit the land down under with their pup? Australia has amazing beaches, fun cities, and incredible wildlife, but unless you’re visiting from New Zealand, Norfolk Island, or Cocos Island, it’ll be tough to get there.

Australia divides countries of origin by group, so you have to find your group and follow instructions.

The good news is they have clear step-by-step instructions for anyone hoping to enter the country with a pup, the bad news is your pet will definitely require quarantine.

There’s also a list of requirements, like tests and treatments, to get done. Going through the entire process is time consuming and expensive, plus you’ll be separated from your dog for at least 10 days, if not more. Ouch.

Statue of Hachikō in Shibuya Station in Tokyo.


Want to take a photo of your pup with the famous Hachikō statue in Shibuya?

If you’re coming from a designated region (Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Hawaii, and Guam) then you’re all good, but if you’re coming from elsewhere you’ll have to do some serious planning.

Your dog will need not one, but two rabies vaccinations, administered at least 30 days apart. After, they’ll need a blood sample drawn at an approved laboratory.

On top of this, you’ll have to wait 180 days before entering Japan! The entire process, from start to finish, will take well over six months.


No summer is complete without a trip to the beach. Bring your dog along and keep the following in mind before you hit the shore. 

Fiji is a paradise, but your desire to visit with your pup will need to outweigh all of the hurdles put in your way. 

Import permits take at least 21 business days to grant, and cost over $300.

Dogs coming from Australia and New Zealand must be quarantined for seven days, and those arriving from other countries must complete a mandatory minimal quarantine period of 30 days!

That’s not all. Dogs coming from all countries, except Australia and New Zealand, are subject to a Rabies Monitoring and Surveillance Policy, meaning they’ll need to be inspected three more times post-quarantine. It takes one full year! Bummer.


Glaciers and landscape in Iceland.

Don’t plan on taking your pup to Iceland unless you’ve got some serious dough saved up.

My dreams of frolicking with my dogs and some Icelandic ponies after climbing a glacier were doomed when I realized how much money and time it would take.

You’ll have to fork over a permit fee (over $330!), quarantine costs, and veterinary fees. 

All imported dogs are required to stay in quarantine for four weeks, and they can only be admitted during a designated period of three days out of every month!

There is only one viable quarantine location in Iceland, and there’s usually a waiting list. That doesn’t give you much wiggle room for your arrival, so forget about being flexible.

You’ll also need a bunch of tests administered to your pooch before arriving, within a certain amount of days. What a headache!


A woman and her two dogs stand on sand and look out at the sea.

Planning to take your pup to Jamaica? It might be harder than you think. Only pets from Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Eire are allowed entry into Jamaica. That’s just three locations in the whole world.


The Taj Mahal in India, surrounded by gardens.

You can only enter India with your pup as baggage if you’re transferring your residence to India after two years of continuous stay abroad.

That’s great if you’re moving to India, but not so great if you’re just going for a visit. This limits the ability to bring your pooch to a very specific category that most travelers don’t fall into.


Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda with the sun shining in beams through the clouds.

Bermuda is a beautiful country, but they’re exclusive with respect to canine entry.

They’ve prohibited 12 breeds – as well as any mixes derived from those breeds – from entering the country.

Beyond that, 14 additional breeds – and their derivative mixes – are heavily restricted.

Restricted breeds include popular friends like German Shepherds, Chow Chows, and Akitas.

There is an application you can fill out to contest this, but it includes strict requirements and requires a property inspection.

Is there a country we missed? Have you brought your dog to any of these places? Let us know in the comments!

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Thinking about heading to one of these places with your pup? Think again. You can do it, but it’ll take some serious time and money. Here are the hardest countries to visit with a dog.

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