7 Dog Items We Never Knew Existed

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It's hard to keep track of all of the dog products on the market with so many new ones popping up each day. Here are seven items we never knew existed. Happy shopping!

Did You Feed The Dog?

Do you live with roommates? Are you super forgetful? There’s no need to ask “did you feed the dog?” every day with this dog meal tracker. It’s color coded, with sliders that click into place when the dog’s been fed. Use it to keep track of meals and make sure you’re not over or under feeding your pooch. 

dogPACER Mini Pacer Dog Treadmill

Your pet’s health and fitness are important, and exercise should be a priority. This doggy treadmill is easy to put together and easy on the ears. Its speed is adjustable, and comes with pre-set dog fitness routines. It’s a great way to keep your pet in shape if the weather isn’t favorable for walks, or if they need to lose a few pounds. 

Banana Pet Bed

Why get a plain donut bed or mat for your dog, when you can get a banana?! I know there’s a cat in the photo, but a small dog will fit in comfortably. This bed is super soft, machine washable, and it will always bring a smile to your face. 

Hemp Calming Chews

These hemp based chews are great for nervous or stressed dogs who need a hand staying calm. They’re made with plant-based naturally calming ingredients, and contain Omega 3 and Omega 6. Give them to your dog during a thunderstorm, or fireworks show, or any time they need to chill. 

Dog Umbrella

Does your dog hate walking in the rain? This pet umbrella will keep your pet dry, comfortable, and happy when it’s time to do their business in a downpour. It has a built in leash hook, and it’s light weight. Plus, it’ll help avoid the smell of wet dog. 

Dog Pants

Crotchless dog pants for the win! Keep your dog from licking hot spots, or from getting dirty outdoors. These have adjustable leg lengths and come in five sizes. 

Glow in the Dark Ball

Now you can play fetch at night with this glow in the dark ball. If your dog’s a night owl or an early riser, ball play is still possible. The ball recharges in the sun, with 5 minutes of charge generating 20-30 minutes of play. Its rubbery texture is smooth and flexible, and it’s indestructible, even for heavy chewers. 

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