Pug Prom 2018

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A bunch of pugs pose for a photo at pug prom.

It’s the moment every puggy waits for. PROM NIGHT! Luckily for them, Pug Rescue of New England put together a magical night during #PugsTakeBoston with disco balls, crimped pug fur, and plenty of 80’s jams.

Seven pugs and one chihuahua pose for a photo.

Tickets sold like hot cakes because a pug prom is literal heaven on earth. The theme was 80’s prom, and the venue was Sandy Paws. The pugs came to dance, mingle, and raise money for rescue.

Three dressed up pugs pose in front of a disco ball.While the vibes were friendly, everyone was vying for Prom King or Queen. When all of the snacks were gobbled and the punch bowl was dry, the King and Queen were crowned, while a few other lucky puggies were made members of the official Prom Court. 

A black pug in pearls and a dress wears a tiara and prom queen sash.

The night was a success. Money was raised, and happy pugs went home snoring.

Here are some more pictures. There ain’t no pawty like a pug prom! 

A pug in a wheelchair wears a prom dress.

Wheels aren’t slowing this prom chick down.

A pug and chihuahua dressed in tuxedos pose for a photo.

Boogie and Marcelo doing their best prom pose.

Three female pugs in pink dresses hang out.

Three pink and poofy pugs.

Four pugs in dresses asleep in a stroller.

Four prom girls who partied too hard.

A woman in a pug dress holds her pet pug at a pug prom.

Bringing your mom as a date is totally ok at pug prom.

A pug in a blue dress is held by her human mother.

Tilly working hard selling raffle tickets.

A group of pugs in tiaras and crowns pose for a photo.

The Prom King and Queen and their court!

A pug in a red dress sits by a bowl of water.

Don’t spike the water bowl.

A woman in a pug dress adjusts a hat on her pug.

Riding in style.

Three pugs in prom dresses sit in a stroller.

Three pug prom girls in a stroller.

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Pugs came together for a pug prom night to remember! They danced, mingled, and raised money for Pug Rescue of New England.
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