All About #PugsTakeBoston

A group of pugs hang out in Boston Commons.

Pugs standing in front of a sign that says Boston.

We spent an epic four days in the city on a hill, aka the hub, aka the cradle of liberty, aka Beantown, aka America’s walking city for #PugsTakeBoston, a meet up for pug lovers, pugs, and their hoomans. 

Two dogs pose on Acorn Road in Boston.

Our long weekend was jam packed with pug dinners, drinks, a Freedom Trail tour, a Cinco de Puggo party and raffle at the Kimpton Onyx, a boat tour on Boston Harbor, and a meet up in Boston Commons. 

Three dogs pose in front of a doorway in Boston.People and pugs come from all over the world to join in on all of the pug fun. Ain’t no pawty like a pug pawty! 

A bunch of pugs sniff each others butts in a park.While the pugs love to have a good time, the #PugsTakeOver events are not solely for fun. We also raise money for pug rescue, with 100% of raffle proceeds going to non-profit rescue organizations. 

Pugs standing in formation in front of a fountain in Boston.This time, we raised over $8,000! The money went toPacific Pug RescuePug Rescue of FloridaPRONE, and Ohio Pug Rescue. We’ve proven once again that pugs always represent the 3 P’s: Perfect, Pudgy, and Philanthropic.

Two pugs held up by their owners pose together for a photo.

Here’s a little pugstory: the #pugtakeovers events started in 2015 when a group of pug friends decided to get together in Boston to hang out, party, and spread the word about pug rescue. Since then, events have been held in New York City, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

Pug sit around a park with their owners in Boston.

We are one of the organizers, along with our pals Hamilton, Violet, Otis, Finn, Milo, Timmy, and Rufus. This year, our friend Chubbs TE started to run events on the West Coast, with the inaugural #PugsTakeVegas. It’s safe to say that pugs are slowly taking over the world, one city at a time.

A man wears a t-shirt about pugs while standing in a park.

It pays to have fun and do good. All of the puggies used their karma points to ask for extra snackies. Their Boston takeover was a success, and they were even featured in the local paper. Well deserved! 

A man holds a pug upside down in Boston Common.

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Here are some extra photos. You can never have too many pug pics. Until next time!

A woman holding a pug and wearing a pug t-shirt.

The other 3 P’s: Pizza, Pugs, & Prosecco.

Pugs and humans stand around in a park next to a bunch of dog strollers.

All these strollers and zero hooman babies 😆

A pug wearing a backpack and a chihuahua wearing a pug costume sit in the grass.

Two pugs, nothing to see here…

The pugdashian pugs wear sombreros while sitting in a stroller.

Four in a stroller! The Pugdashians and Ms. Worldwide.

Hamilton pug is held and being pet.

It’s Hammer time.

A woman with a pug in a backpack.

Backpack pug!

A young boy stands with a chihuahua dressed in a pug costume.

Corn Dog!

A woman surrounded by pugs holds a tote about pugs.

The 4 essentials.

A pug wears sunglasses and smiles.

Daisy is feeling it.

A woman wearing a pug mom t-shirt.

Pug Mom!

A statue in Boston holds four pug leashes with pugs.

Turning Boston statues into pug walkers. © Yeon-Mee Hong

Pugs and their owners aboard a boat in the Boston Harbor.

All ahoy! © Yeon-Mee Hong

You know the pawty’s over when the pug tail limps…

Arrows point to a pugs limp tail while he lays in a stroller.

A bunch of pugs sniffing each other in the grass and a Pinterest cover that says All About #PugsTakeBoston

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