Draw your very own pug! Artist Andrea Caceres teaches us how to draw a cartoon pug in just a few easy steps.

How to Draw a Pug: A Step-by-Step Guide with Artist Andrea Cáceres

Pugs are adorable, funny little dogs, so it’s no surprise that they inspire many people to draw them. But can a pug’s beauty ever truly and accurately be captured? Probably not, but we can certainly try! If a pug is your muse, check out this tutorial on how to draw your pug. 

A big thank you to artist and designer Andrea Cáceres, who has drawn hundreds of pugs and who will be teaching us how to draw a pug in just a few, easy steps. Be sure to check out her website for loads of great dog stuff. 

But first, we asked Andrea a few questions about dogs, her subjects of choice. 

1. Why do you love drawing dogs? 

Dogs are the best models. They never complain and I know they will always be ok with my work unless I make it with edible paper.
I enjoy how different they are, all their personalities and I admire that they don’t care about anything other than just being happy. 

2. Do you have a favorite dog breed?

I do not. My favorite dog is my dog Tobi, and then I might go through phases where I like certain dogs more than others.
I do have some dog crushes with certain dogs, like Edgar the wiener, Jedi the Shih tzu, Nelson the pup, and Chewbarka. Those are dogs that I always draw and I never get tired! 

3. What makes pugs hard and/or easy to draw?

Pugs are really easy to draw! They are so emotive – they are like a real life cartoon.
Thank you Andrea!
Here’s some of Andrea’s work. She has been featured on LinkNYC stations all throughout New York City.
Here are step-by-step instructions, on how to draw a cartoon pug. And after that, scroll down for a video.

Step 1

Draw three dots. These will be your eyes and nose. 

How to draw a pug

Step 2

Add in eyebrows and a nose wrinkle. Feel free to add in a wrinkle or two on the face!


How to draw a pugStep 3

Draw what appears to be a mouth, and connect it to the nose. This will be the start of your pug’s jowls. 

How to draw a pugStep 4

Round out the jowls and connect them to your nose wrinkle. Don’t forget to add whisker dots. 

How to draw a pug

Step 5

Draw two slanted triangles for ears. 

How to draw a pug

Step 6

Draw three lines to form the head. 

How to draw a pug

Step 7

Draw a line sloping down on the left side of the pugs face. Now you’re starting the body!

How to draw a pug

Step 8

Add two legs.

How to draw a pug

Step 9

Draw a curved line that will be the pug back and butt. 

How to draw a pug

Step 10

Draw a hind leg. You’re almost done!

How to draw a pug

Step 11

Add in a curly tail. 

How to draw a pug

Voila! You’ve got a pug! 

Feel free to add color, or jazz up your pug with personal features. 

Here’s an animation of all 11 steps. 

 How did your pug come out?

Thanks again to Andrea for the amazing pug drawing tutorial. Be sure to follow her on Instagram here.

Click here for more pug stuff.

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Draw your very own pug! Artist Andrea Caceres teaches us how to draw a cartoon pug in just a few easy steps.

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