Check out these hotel chains that welcome your furry friends without any extra costs - that's right, no extra fees, no deposits, and no one time payments.
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Pet-Friendly Hotels with No Fees – Pets Stay Free!

Updated March 2021.

In an effort to keep up with the growing number of pet travelers, many hotels are now accepting four-legged guests. But, there are a good number of hotels that require additional money to accommodate your pet. These extra costs add up, increasing the cost of your stay and putting pressure on your budget. 

There are, however, some hotel chains that welcome your furry friends without any extra money. That’s right, no extra fees, no deposits, and no one time payments. Consider one of these hotels when you’re booking your next trip, and give your wallet a break!


Pet-Friendly Hotels with No Fees

Tips to keep in mind before booking your pet-friendly stay:

  • Ask the hotel these questions to ensure your stay is comfortable.
  • Policies change! Double or triple check the hotel’s pet policy before booking. Get the policy in writing, and if you speak to someone on the phone, ask for their name. You can never be too safe!
  • While these hotels may not charge fees, some do have other regulations, like a weight limit. 

Kimpton Hotels

The Kimpton boutique hotel’s pet policy is – if your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in!

With an impressive selection of hotel amenities and extras, and no additional fees or deposits, they rank high in terms of pet-friendliness. There’s no size or weight limit and no limit on the number of pets allowed.

Plus, you’ll get plush pet-beds, food, water bowls and mats, and courtesy poop bags for your walks. Pets are even welcome to join the party at their nightly wine receptions.

If you’re staying, be sure to ask for their list of nearby pet-friendly restaurants, parks, groomers and pet boutiques.

Locations: Kimpton has over 70 hotels in 50 different cities.

Check out these hotel chains that welcome your furry friends without any extra costs - that's right, no extra fees, no deposits, and no one time payments.

The Standard

When The Standard realized just how important it was for guests to be able to bring their pets, they changed their policy. Now, all pets are welcome, and at no extra cost.

They didn’t stop there. They’ve collaborated with Found My Animal, a pet accessory company that donates a portion of proceeds to rescue, and created their own exclusive line of products. The collection, which includes a handmade leash, collar, water bowl and pouch, all in Standard red, is available at the Standard Shop. 10% of proceeds go to animal charities and rescues!

Dog-Friendly Hotels in NYC
©The Standard Hotel

Locations: The Standard has seven hotels in five different cities, including Los Angeles, New York and London.

Red Roof Inn

The Red Roof Inn calls itself upscale economy. They have over 600 locations in the United States, and additional locations in Brazil and Japan.

This chain has comfy beds at budget-conscious rates; rooms start at just $49.99 per night. Each room comes with a flat screen TV, complimentary WiFi and free coffee.

Plus, if you stay three nights, you get an extra night free! They permit all family pets weighing 80 pounds or less.

Coming to the big apple? Bring your pooch along! Here's a list of dog-friendly hotels in NYC that will welcome and pamper your pooch.

Locations: Red Roof Inn has over 600 hotels located all across the United States, as well as in Brazil and Japan. 

Aloft Hotels

These stylish, music-inspired boutique hotels use a combination of advanced technology and design to provide a unique user experience.

Certain Aloft locations offer services like TiGi (Text it, Get it) emoji room service, and voice activated room preferences.

ARF Aloft Hotels
©Aloft Hotels

Other amenities include fast and free WiFi, swimming pools, bars and leisure areas with pool tables.

Pets under 40 pounds are welcome in many areas of the hotel, and stay for free.

They also offer a pet program called Arf® or animals arfun. Dogs get to enjoy an Aloft branded bed and bowl, plus complimentary treats and toys. 

Locations: There are 140 Aloft hotels worldwide. 

Virgin Hotels

Virgin Hotels may be new on the scene, but they are expanding rapidly. They have a sustainable approach to hospitality, with green housekeeping, hotel-wide recycling and green roofs.

Pets stay free and there are no size or breed restrictions.

Dog relaxing in hotel bed with robe.

You’ll get a white porcelain dog outside of your door, a dog bed, treats and food and water dish for your furry friend, and a chic Virgin bandana to show off. 

Locations: Virgin hotels are located in Chicago, Nashville, Dallas and Las Vegas.

La Quinta

Dog-Friendly Hotels in NYC
©La Quinta

La Quinta hotels are a comfortable and affordable option for any road trip. With close to 900 locations, and approximately 88,000 rooms located in 48 states, you’re bound to find space for you and your pup.

Every La Quinta comes with free WiFi and breakfast in the morning. Many also have swimming pools. Pups stay free and there are up to two allowed per room.

Heads up: La Quinta recently merged with Wyndham Hotels, and now each hotel can institute its own policies. Call ahead to ensure there is no fee. Plus, while the majority of La Quinta hotels allow pets, but there are 11 locations across the United States that do not. 

Locations: La Quinta has 900 locations all across the United States.

Motel 6

This no-frills franchise cost only $6 a night when they first opened in 1962. Today, there are more than 1,400 locations across the United States and Canada.

They’re a great option for anyone on a road trip because they offer affordable, clean, comfortable rooms, and can be found pretty much anywhere. 

Pet-Friendly Hotels with No Fees

Besides being affordable, Motel 6 hotels are extremely pet-friendly. They welcome all well-behaved pets, with a maximum allowance of two pets per room.

Fun fact: they were the first ever national pet-friendly chain, and have welcomed pets since their opening.

Locations: There are more than 1,400 Motel 6 locations across the United States and Canada.

Choice Hotels

Want to adopt a dog in NYC? Skip the pet store and head to one of these animal shelters in NYC. Here's where to adopt a dog near you in New York City. 

You can’t go wrong with Choice Hotels. 

They operate hotels like Quality InnComfort Inn and Econo Lodge, found across the country with more than 2,500 pet-friendly locations.

They have an easy to use website listing all of their pet-friendly accommodations, along with travel tips, the top dog-friendly cities and a pet travel checklist.

With so many brands, locations, and price points to choose from, they are one of the best options when it comes to travel.

Locations: Over 2,500 pet-friendly locations across the United States. 

What has your experience been like when traveling with your pet? What do you do to avoid extra fees? 

Want more tips for finding dog-friendly accommodation? Click here.

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Check out these hotel chains that welcome your furry friends without any extra costs - that's right, no extra fees, no deposits, and no one time payments.

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