Dog Groups and Meet Ups in New York City

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Dogs owners in New York City have built rich, canine-loving communities organized by dog park, neighborhood and even breed. They use these groups to share information and plan, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of dogs and dog lovers throughout the city. Whether you’re in need of advice, have questions, or want to make new dog pals, these groups are a great resource with which to be involved. Here’s a round up of dog groups and meet ups in New York City. 

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If you're looking for fun things to do with your dog in Brooklyn, head to one of these official dog parks.

In Person Dog Meet Ups

If you’re meeting in person, be sure to adhere to the following guidelines so you and your dog are safe and comfortable.

  • Be clean – pick up after your dog and properly dispose of their waste.
  • Play nice – don’t let your dog chase birds, squirrels or other NYC wildlife.
  • Be safe – your dog must be vaccinated against rabies, and you are required to carry proof of a current dog license and rabies vaccination while in public.
  • If you’re in heat, stay home: if it’s that special time for your female dog, don’t go.  

Dog Park Groups

Dog parks are a great place to socialize and exercise your dog. They benefit both dog owners and people in the neighborhood, since a happy, well-socialized dog is always a better member of the community. 

While the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation manages the majority of dog runs in the city, many volunteers have come together to build community and to help ensure that their local dog runs are properly maintained. These dog run communities, found both online and in person, are a great way to socialize and meet your neighbors. 

Dog Runs on Instagram

The 105th Street Dog Run

142nd St Dog Run

Astoria Dog Run

Dogs of Tompkins Square Park

Kensington Dog Run Association

Landing Lights Dog Run

Little Bay Dog Run

Marcus Garvey Dog Run

Maria Hernandez Park Dog Run

McCarren Park Dog Run

Morningside Park Dog Run

Oval Dog Run 

The Dog Run at St. Nicholas Pk

Toms Dog Run

Union Square Dog Run

Washington Square Park Dog Run

Dog Runs on Facebook

Bay Park Dog Run

Fort Tryon Sir William Dog Run

Friends of Forest Park Dog Run (K9 Korral)

K9 Korral Dog Run Friends At Forest Park

Kensington Dog Run Association

Landing Lights Dog Run

Maria Hernandez Dog Run Pack

Morningside Park Dog Run

Friends of the Murray Dog Run

Peter Detmold Dog Run Group

Friends of Sherry Park Dog Run

Silver Lake Dog Run

Tompkins Square Park Dog Run

Union Square Dog Run

Washington Park Dog Run Community

Wolfe’s Pond Dog Run

Dog Breed Meet Ups

Dog breed meet ups are a great way to meet other dog parents, ask questions, get advice and socialize. They’re also a great way to learn about a breed you’re interested in adopting. 

We list meet ups on our dog-friendly event calendar.


Facebook: Basenji.NYC

Meet Up: New York City Basenji Meetup


Meet Up: The Beagle Pack!

Boston Terrier

Meet Up: The New York Boston Terrier Meetup Group

Brussels Griffon

Instagram: NYC Griffs


Meet Up: The New York City Chihuahua Nation Meetup Group


Facebook: New York Corgis

Meet Up: New York Corgi Meetup


Meet Up: The New York City Dachshund Meetup Group

Meet Up: Hudson Heights Dachshunds

Instagram: NYC Doxies


Instagram: Doodle Tales

English Bulldogs


French Bulldogs

Facebook: French Bulldog NYC

Instagram: French Bulldog NYFC

Instagram: Frenchies of Chelsea

Meet Up: A Frenchie in Brooklyn

Meet Up: Brooklyn Frenchies

Great Danes

Instagram: Great Danes of Central Park


Facebook: Havanese of NYC

Instagram: Havanese of NYC

Meet Up: The NYC Havanese Playgroup

Japanese Chin

Meet Up: New York City Japanese Chins & Friends


Instagram: Jindos of NYC


Meet Up: Harlem Meer Mutts Club

Pit Bull

Meet Up: NYC Pit Bull Group


Instagram: Pom State of Mind

Meet Up: The New York City Pomeranian Meetup Group


Instagram: NYC Pug Meet Up

Meet Up: The NYC Pug Meetup Group


Instagram: NYC Samoyeds

Scottish Terrier

Meet Up: New York Scotties – Scottish Terrier Dog Group

Shiba Inu

Whatsapp Chat Group for Long Island City Shibas – contact an LIC Shiba for access.


Meet Up: With Our Westies! (WOW!)

Yorkshire Terriers

Meet Up: Yorkie Nation

Helpful NYC Dog Groups

These helpful groups are either general to the five boroughs or organized by neighborhood. They’re a great way to connect with local dog owners and to stay updated on the latest woof. 


Dogs of UES

Everything Dog NY

FIDO – Fellowship in the Interest of Dogs and their Owners

Forest Hills Dog Owners Group NYC

NYCdog (Member’s Group)

NYC Dog Community and Events

NYC Dog People

NYC Dog People Sharing and Caring

Prospect Park Dog Owners

The Real Dogs of Hell’s Kitchen

S.U.D.S. Mutts (Sunnyside United Dog Society)

Click here for more dog-friendly NYC tips.

Know of a resource we didn’t list? Let us know in the comments!

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It's time to get social! There are many local dog communities in NYC to join. Here's a round up of dog groups and meet ups in New York City. 

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  1. Not really a breed meetup, but there’s also the LGBTQ+ Dog Socials on the 1st Sunday of the month.
    Or on IG queerdog_meetups_nyc

  2. Real Dogs Of Hell’s Kitchen on FB highlights the Silver Towers, Pier 84, & Dewitt Clinton dog runs & other helpful neighborhood dog news!

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