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12 Custom Gifts For Dog Moms

Mother’s Day is coming up, and you can’t forget all the dog moms in your life! Dog mamas need love too. Here are 12 custom gifts for dog moms that they’re sure to love. Enjoy!

1. Pet Earrings

Custom pet earrings sold on Etsy.

Dogs are studs, so why not turn them into real studs with some earrings! These custom pet earrings let dog moms wear their pup with pride, keeping their image close, no matter where they are. Choose from one pair or a set of three. No dog mom can resist.


2. Pet Keychain

A group of custom painted keychains of dogs and cats.

A dog mom’s pup holds the key to her heart. Take your best buddy everywhere with these hand painted keychains. They’re lifelike and super special.


3. Pet Bowl

A custom dog bowl full of dog food.

What does a dog mom want more than stuff for herself? Stuff for her dog! This personalized ceramic dog bowl is the perfect dog accessory. Choose small or large, and then select from over 50 text colors. Bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe.


4. Pet Candle

A religious candle with a dog saint on it.

Oh my dog, these candles are cute. Get any saintly pup face printed on a prayer candle. Every dog mom will be sure to love it, in the name of dog.


5. Embroidered Hoop

A custom embroidery of Shiloh the Collie dog.

Turn any pup into art! These pup portraits are hand embroidered on a neutral background. The detail is lovely. Bonus: shipping is free in the United States. 


6. Doggy Snow Globe

A snowglobe with two dog figurines inside.

Design your own snow globe! Place a pup in a winter wonderland that dog moms can shake into a snow flurry whenever they want. These globes come with custom made figurines of a pup or two inside. This memorable gift will be cherished forever.


7. Stickers

A sheet of custom cat stickers.

For those who want to see their pet’s face everywhere, stickers are a great idea. Put your dog’s face on your cellphone, on a laptop, or decorate a card and envelope. These stickers come in multiple sizes and are tons of fun. 


8. Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

Dog treat bones in a bowl.

If your favorite dog mom makes her own dog treats, then this personalized bone cookie cutter will help her take things up a notch. There are three sizes available for small, medium, and large sized dogs. 


9. Face Magnets

A custom pet magnet.

These fun custom face magnets are beautifully illustrated. Each magnet is hand-crafted from cut paper with details drawn in ink. Get your dog mom and her pup done up, so they can hang out together on the fridge. 


10. Pet Portrait

A black pug sits next to a custom portrait of themselves.


A custom watercolor painting of a dog mom’s pup will make any room pop. Choose from a variety of sizes and backgrounds. 


11. Dog Mug

A custom dog portrait printed on a mug.

Immortalize your favorite dog mom and her pup with a custom drawing on a mug. It’s her dog’s mug on a mug! 


12. Pet Pillow

A couch full of custom pillows of pets.


These custom pet pillows guarantee that a dog stays soft and cuddly forever. Each pillow is printed on high quality eco-canvas and handcrafted in the United States. 


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Mother’s Day is coming up, and you can’t forget all of the dog moms in your life! Here are 12 custom gifts for dog moms that they’re sure to love.

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  1. I love all of these ideas. Gusto would unstuff the pillow for sure. He wants to be my ONLY one…lol. I will have to check out the earrings…can never have too many earrings.

  2. You have a great lineup of lovely gifts. I have to laugh at the candle; not related to your post but to a cartoon I saw on Facebook – a dog taking a bath, lighting a dog rear-scented candle 🙂

  3. What fantastic ideas, I will come back to check them out again I am sure, thanks for planting a seed in my brain LOL

  4. These are all great affordable gift ideas too. Would you believe I never saw a pet candle before? I love the pet portraits and pillows the best. This is a great post to save for the holidays.

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