43 Fun Photos of Dogs in Rio de Janeiro

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to live in the great city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio is incredibly dog friendly and jam packed with pet stores, groomers, and dog meet ups. The city explodes with color and culture, making a visit at any time of the year super fun for two legged and four legged travelers alike.

Here are 43 fun photos of dogs in Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy!

A dog outside of a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.

A Boxer outside of a bar in Santa Teresa.

A dog and a boy sitting outside by a tree.

A boy and his dog in Lapa.

A dog in front of Pao de Acucar in Rio de Janeiro.

A Chihuahua in front of Pão De Açúcar.

A smiling dog face.


A dog on a rooftop in Rio de Janeiro.

A dog on a rooftop.

A dog with his head sticking out of a house roof in Rio de Janeiro.

Hey up there!

A dog smiling by a gate.

A friendly Lab.

A smiling dog with his human dad.

A dog and her dad.

A smiling dog that's up for adoption.

Available for adoption!

A boxer dog dancing in Rio.

Dancing Boxer.

A shih-tzu with his hair rolled up.

Out for a walk.

A dog outside of a bar in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.

Hanging out in Santa Teresa.

A dog at night on a roof.

A dog on a roof.

A dog at an adoption event.

A cat lover at an adoption event.

A puppy in front of her new mom.

A puppy!

A boy and his dog running in front of graffiti.

Out for a jog.

A dog resting his head on a gate.

Waiting for a pet.

Two dogs sleeping in front of graffiti.

Sleeping dogs in Lapa.

A dog walking in a window pane.

How much is that doggy in the window?

A German Shepherd behind a green gate.

A German Shepherd behind a gate.

A dog sleeping in a doorway.

A black dog takes a rest.

A pug in Copacabana.

A happy pug!

A dog looks through some street wires.

Watch dog.

A dog asleep on restaurant steps.

A sleepy pupper on a staircase.

A Frenchie sitting outside of a restaurant.

A Frenchie hangs out at a restaurant.

A fluffy white dogs fur blows in the wind.

Fur in the wind!

Three dogs on a roof in Rio de Janeiro.

Three dogs on a balcony.

A man and his dog walking along the water in Rio.

A man walks his dog in Botafogo.

A smiling English Bulldog.

A happy Bulldog!

Two poodles standing near graffiti.

Two poodles hanging out.

Two German Shepherds peaking through the bottom of a door.

Spotted by a watch dog!

A landscape view of Rio wth a dog on a roof.

Find the dog.

A dog outside watching a soccer game.

Futbol matches don’t interest doggos.

A dog siting in a favela.

A dog in the road.

A man showing off a puppy.

Just adopted!

A brown dog outside in front of a door.


Two dogs behind a gate.

Two smiling pups.

A white poodle in front of a red door.

A poodle at his front door.

A dog sitting near the Brazilian flag.

Brazilian dog.

Two dogs on a roof.

Barking rooftop doggo.

A dog scratching his ear in a favela.

An itchy ear.

A black dog sitting in front of a door.

A dog at the door.

A yellow lab putting his head through a gate.

A smiling pupper.


Have you ever been to Rio with your dog? Let us know in the comments!

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