Travel Gifts For Your Dog

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Three dog travel items - travel bowls, a dog carrier, and a dog vest.

Travel Gifts For Your Dog

Is your dog about to embark on a trip? Whether it’s a quick flight or a multi day road trip, you’ll want to be prepared. Here are some dog friendly products that will make your journey smoother. Plus, they’ll make great holiday gifts for your travel-loving-dog-crazy friends and their pups.

Here are our favorites:

Dog Travel Bag

Throwing all your dogs gear in the trunk of your car will land you in a hairy situation. You won’t be able to find what you need, your dog might get into the treat bag, and you’re bound to lose an item or two. Save yourself with a dog travel bag! It will help you stay organized, and keep all of your dog items in one place.

It comes with a luggage ID tag, two 2 cup collapsible dishwasher safe silicone bowls, a placemat, and two lined carriers to store up to 10 cups of dog food or treats. It also has dividers, zippered inside pockets, and adjustable straps. 

Have a medium to large sized dog? Click here for an upgraded size.

Poop Bags

When you gotta go, you gotta go! And dogs always have to go. Be prepared with these Earth Rated poop bags. These thick and durable bags are lavender scented and come in packs of 120 or 270. Make sure you have plenty of bags handy in case of any emergency.

Pet Carrier

This black and white Sherpa bag is anything but flashy, but we love it! It’s durable, comfortable, and it’s approved for use on most airlines. Other highlights include top or side entry, a machine washable lambskin liner, and mesh panels for ventilation. It’s perfect for a trip to the vet, or a trip on an airplane!

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important for humans and pups alike. This water bottle will make it easy for your pooch to grab a drink on the go. It holds 20 oz of liquid, fits in a car cup holder, and it comes with a strap for carrying. All it takes is a squeeze to send water to the top bowl.

Seat Belts

Whether it’s a quick ride to the store, or a multi state road trip, your pooch needs to be safe while in the car. These adjustable seat belts keep your pet safely restrained and secure, and allow your dog to sit, stand or lie down while in the car. They also make sure that your pooch can’t get in your way or distract you while driving. They’re sold in sets of two and available in six colors.

Collapsible Bowls

These portable and collapsible dog bowls are eco-friendly, durable, and super lightweight. Each bowl holds up to 12 fluid ounces of water or 1.5 cups of dog food. They collapse flat and can be easily stored, or clipped on to a bag. Keep them around for a dog on the go.  

Car Seat Covers

Dogs can track in an impressive amount of dirt and mud from outside. That, mixed with shedding and a little drool, is enough to ruin the inside of your car. These protective car seat covers have got your back! They’re waterproof, easy to install, and offer full coverage of the back seat. Use them on your next trip, your car will thank you.

Dog Wipes

No time for a bath? These grooming wipes definitely come in handy when your pup needs a good wipe down. They’re hypoallergenic and earth friendly, and large enough to clean large dogs. Have these on hand for dirty paws, bums, and to reduce dander and allergens – you won’t regret it.

Warm Coat

Going somewhere cold? A sturdy and warm coat is always welcome to keep your pup toasty. Try these Fab Dog metallic puffers – they come with a waterproof Nylon shell, faux fur lining, and bright shiny color so your pooch will always remain visible while strutting around town. 

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