5 Dog Travel Items We Don’t Leave Home Without

five dog travel items
When people think of packing for a trip with their dog, they think of the basics: food, poop bags, and a toy. But there are lots of items out there that we've found to be super useful that might surprise you. We always make sure to have these five on hand, whether we're on the road, or taking a short or extended trip. With dogs, it's always better to be safe than sorry! 
5 Dog Travel Items We Don’t Leave Home Without

Earthbath Shampoo Packets

Dogs get stinky! But packing a huge 16oz container of dog shampoo is heavy, bulky, and not carry on friendly. Plus, it might spill! These small Earthbath shampoo packets are the perfect solution. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and spill proof. We throw a few of these in our bag when traveling and voila! problem solved. 

5 Dog Travel Items We Don’t Leave Home Without

Quick Bath Wipes

There isn’t always time for a bath, even if your pup really needs one. We spent a few days in the mountains, and boy could you smell it on our dogs. With a full day of traveling ahead of us, there wasn’t time for a proper bath. These wipes definitely came in handy! Our noses and car seats thanked us.

5 Dog Travel Items We Don’t Leave Home Without

Magic Fur Remover

I don’t remember how these red magic fur removers came into my life, but I’m so glad they did! If your dog’s a shedder, you’ll want one in every room. Swipe them across a surface and watch them collect the fur, like magic! We throw one of these in our bag when traveling, to use in the car, in our rental home, or to give our clothes a once over. These fur magnets are cheap, come in a variety of sizes, and are like…magic! 

5 Dog Travel Items We Don’t Leave Home Without

Collapsible Dog Bowls

This may seem like an obvious one, but these bowls have really helped us out in a pinch (so they’re worth mentioning). Use them to give your dog water on the go, to feed your dog dinner, or to store extra food in (the tops come in handy). They’re especially useful for road trips, or if you’re staying in a hotel. There may or may not be bowls around, and you never want to use plastic. We bring at least two of these on every trip. 

5 Dog Travel Items We Don’t Leave Home Without

K9 Sport Sack

We’re active when we travel, whether it means being out all day exploring a city, or going on a new hike. Our dogs can usually keep up, but sometimes they’d like to take breaks when we want to keep going. We used to use dog bags for this, but the straps would dig into our shoulder and they were bulky and uncomfortable. Luckily, we discovered the K9 Sport Sack. It’s a backpack for dogs! Strap your pup in and enjoy activities like bike riding, hiking, or long walks.

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