5 Dog Products You Should Replace

There are lots of dog products on the market that are affordable, popular, and easy to get, but that doesn’t always mean they’re your best option. As dog owners, we can always do better. It’s our job to ensure that our dogs have the safest, best items in their lives. Here are five common dog products that you should replace with something better.

Plastic Poop Bag Holder

A plastic poop bag holder.

These plastic poop bag holders are cheap and easy to get. They’re oftentimes free when you buy a poop bag refill, or given away by companies for promotion. But free or not – they’re a pain! They’re super clunky and they make loud noises when knocked against things. Worst of all, if you swing them against yourself or your dog, it can hurt.  

What To Use Instead:

A crocheted, soft pug poop bag holder.

A soft poop bag holder is better! Slapping against a wrist won’t hurt you, and they won’t make a sound when the leash falls to the ground. Plus, they’re soft to the touch and have pockets to hold your keys. We love ’em! This soft, handmade poop bag holder is made by the Crafty Hong Sisters.

Plastic Food Bowl

A plastic dog bowl.

A plastic food bowl is cheap, easy to clean, and can be found at any basic pet store, but that’s about all we like about them. They’re breeding grounds for unhealthy bacteria, and prone to developing cracks and crevices that can harbor more gross stuff. This can, at best, give your dog pimples around their mouth, and, at worst, make them sick. 

What To Use Instead:

A stainless steel dog bowl.

Use a stainless steel bowl instead. They’re unbreakable, durable, and easy to keep clean. They’re also affordable! Your pet will thank you.


Rawhide bones.

Rawhides give your dog hours of chewing pleasure and entertainment, but they also pose a huge risk. If not properly chewed, a large piece can get stuck in your pups esophagus or other parts of the digestive tract. This can cause your dog to choke, or create a blockage. Rawhides aren’t digestible, so large ingested pieces that can’t pass through will require surgery. Bummer. 

What To Use Instead:

No-hide rawhides.

Earth Animal no-hide rawhides are a healthy alternative. They’re a long-lasting, easily digestible chew, with no added hormones, steroids or chemicals. Plus, they help maintain healthy teeth and gums, while being nutritious. Your dog will stay busy for hours, but with no added risks. 

Bare Paws in Winter

A dog paw.

Dog paws, made up mostly of fatty tissue, can withstand the cold of snow, but they’re prone to getting irritated or burned from things like rock salt or other chemicals on the ground. Most ice-melt products are a skin irritant, and the chemicals can cause dryness, cracking, and even burns to a dog’s pads.

What To Use Instead:

A dog wearing Pawz.

Pawz booties protect your dog’s pads from rock salt, and other harsh chemicals. They’re waterproof, and easy to slip on, so you don’t have to deal with any straps or zippers. They also keep your dogs paws clean. 

Collar and Leash

A dog collar and leash.

Collars are great to display your dogs I.D. tags, vaccination info, and a license. They’re also super easy to slip on and off. But hooking a leash on to a collar and using it to walk your dog is not a good idea. Pulling can cause neck injuries, or worse; it can raise the amount of pressure in the eyes, or damage the thyroid gland. 

What To Use Instead:

A dog in a harness.

Leave the collar on for visibility and identification purposes, but use a harness when walking your dog. Harnesses provide more control over your dog, discourages pulling and jumping, and are especially great for dogs with respiratory issues and neck injuries.

Do you use any of these dog products?

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  1. Whrre on earth did you find the pug poop bag holder?? I love it! Need to learn how to crochet just for this. My pug is scared of the plastic bone shaped kind.

  2. Great post! We hate plastic bowls, stainless steel is a way more eco friendly dog bowl and no nasty cracks.

    I also love the handmade poop bag holder, do you use biodegradable dog poop bags too?

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