Dog friendly nyc bar crawl.

Dog-Friendly NYC Bar Crawl

Nothing says summer like a bar crawl. Sunshine, cold drinks, and hot dogs (the woof kind!) make for a great day. Gather your best dog friends and hit up these 6 dog-friendly locations. There’ll be parties, pints, and puppies, all of the ingredients for an epic crawl.

Dog friendly nyc bar crawl.

Total walking time: 25 min

A. Boris and Horton

Start your booze fueled adventure off at Boris and Horton, NYC’s first dog-friendly cafe. Don’t let their coffeeshop exterior fool you; besides coffee and snacks, this cafe has a great selection of drinks. Order some wine (sparkling, red, or white) or ice-cold craft beer. Our favorite? Their hard kombucha!

Location: 195 Avenue A

Dog friendly nyc bar crawl.
©Lucky on B

B. Lucky

Walk two blocks over to Lucky’s on Avenue B. This dive bar steps things up a notch. They have a great outdoor patio and a full bar. Order a bucket of beer or go crazy with a wine slushie or frozen lemonade. Pro tip: sign in on Yelp and get a free shot of whiskey. They offer up A1 Steak Sauce chasers with it too, if you dare.

Location: 168 Ave B

C. Tompkin’s Square Park

It’s time to burn some energy. Head south, and walk through the park to the Tompkin’s Square Dog Run. There’s no drinking here, but you and your pup will have the opportunity to hang out, run around, and hydrate. The dog run is divided into two areas, for small and large dogs, with three doggy pools, shade, and lots of benches to sit and relax.

Location: 500 East 9th St. 

Dog friendly nyc bar crawl.

D. d.b.a.

Now that you’re rested up and ready to refuel, walk over a few blocks to d.b.a. bar. d.b.a. is what happens when a beer lover and a dog lover birth a bar baby. They’re known to host dog parties, and have great happy hours. With a patio, a selection of over 100 beers, and dogs allowed both inside and out, this place can’t be missed.

Location: 41 1st Ave. 

Dog friendly nyc bar crawl.
© Rosie’s NYC

E. Rosie’s

After all that drinking, it’s time for a snack. Walk west to Rosie’s, a fun Mexican joint. Munch on some delicious tacos while you down a watermelon margarita. You can keep the party going with pitchers of margaritas, or cold Mexican beer. Try the queso fundido or guacamole with chips. You won’t regret it.

Location: 29 E. 2nd St. 

F. Tom & Jerry’s

End the bar crawl on a high note by hitting up Tom & Jerry’s. This neighborhood bar has a good beer selection and interesting cocktails, like the Beestinger or Spicy Hibiscus. The laid-back vibe and dog-friendly crowd will help you unwind after a day on the town. It’s cash only, but there’s an ATM machine out front if you need it.

Location: 288 Elizabeth St. 

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Bar crawls just got better because now, your pup can join! Grab some humans and their dogs and spend an afternoon hanging out at this dog friendly NYC bar crawl.

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