Tips for Plane Travel with Multiple Dogs

2 Dogs, 1 Human: Must Read Tips on Flying with Multiple Dogs

Flying with multiple dogs can be a challenge, especially if you bring the wrong gear and don’t prepare. A few easy moves can make your trip a whole lot smoother. Here are some must read tips on flying with multiple dogs. 

Tips for Plane Travel with Multiple Dogs

Find Family Bathrooms

Family bathrooms are private restrooms that are larger than a typical stall. Airports usually offer them, along with regular restrooms, for families who are traveling.

The family restrooms come equipped with a toilet, sink, changing table, and offer extra space for multiple bodies. You’ll have space and privacy to put your bags down, let your dogs leash go, and use the restroom.

If you can’t spot a family bathroom, then use the handicap stall, granted there is no one else who needs it. 

Keep Your Carry-On on Your Back

A backpack.

If you’re traveling with two dogs, you’ll want two hands free – one for each. Use a backpack as your carry on, so your personal items are out of the way and you’re free to manage situations like tangled leashes. 

Although they’ll keep your hands free, I don’t recommend using a messenger bag. It will block your side, and will make it difficult to carry a dog travel bag at the same time. 

Tire Them Out

A girl and dog run in matching tie dye

What’s better than traveling with two dogs? Traveling with two tired dogs! Make sure you tire both pups out before you head to the airport. Take a long walk, spend an hour at the dog park, or go for a run. Their interest in playing, wandering or sniffing once at the airport will wane if they’re sleepy, and they’ll be easier to manage. 

Make Them Walk

Once your pets are in the airplane cabin, they’ll be confined to a small area and unable to stretch their legs. Whenever possible, before and after boarding, make your dogs walk. It’ll help tire them out, and it’ll free up your hands. 

It might help to use a dual dog, no tangle leash when traveling through the airport, that way you’ll only have one leash in your hand and your dogs will stay together. 

I recommend this one – it’s reflective, and his dual locking. 

Pet Service Areas Around the World

Use the Pet Relief Station as a Dog Park

Not all pet relief stations are created equal, but if you’re lucky, you’ll encounter one with space, benches, and a door to close. Head to the nearest pet area if you have time before boarding or during a layover. Put your bags down and chill while your dogs walk around, sniff things, and burn some energy. Oh, and empty their bladder! 


Even though more and more pets are traveling by plane each year, passengers are still not always accustomed to seeing a person flying with one dog, let alone two. Always smile, be friendly with your fellow passengers and airline workers, and be polite. A smile goes a long way. 

Stay Calm

Boogie at the airport.

Dogs can sense your energy, and they pick up on how you’re feeling. Visual and oral cues, like reading body language and tone of voice, alert them to what’s going on. If you’re anxious and stressed, your dogs will become anxious and stressed too. Remember to remain calm, and stay positive. It will help your two companions relax. 

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Flying with multiple dogs can be a challenge. A few easy moves can make your trip a whole lot smoother. Check out these must read tips to learn how!

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  1. Can you tell me there was any handling or carriage restriction for pets? I mean pet or bagged weights, product safety, and other necessary info. One thing more can we get these facilities any airport of USA, or this facility has given only a few authorities.

  2. Can you take two dogs with you on cabin on international flight? What is restrictions for them? Do I have to carry to carrier ?

    1. The answer is yes and no! It depends on many things, like your destination, airline, the size of your dogs, etc. We have done it a few times now, but always with lots of research beforehand.

      1. Hi,

        Can you share the tip on how to make two dogs stay in one bag calmly during the flight?

        Have yours ever barked? What should the owner do when the dog bark?

        1. Hi! I’d get your dogs used to traveling together in one bag. Go on a short trip, walk them around your house in the bag, and make the bag a safe space. Once they’re used to the bag, it will be easier to travel longer distances!

  3. Hi,
    I’m trying to move to California with two small dogs. They are both about 15-20lbs. I’m not sure if they will fit in one carrier..

    1. Hi Gabriella! My first piece of advice would be to find an airline that works for you – airline policies differ, and they don’t all have the same rules. Find an airline that will allow you (one person) to fly with two dogs. Then call them and go from there. Good luck!

  4. Hi! I’m about to travel with two chi mixes (one a bit larger and one smaller). How did you train your dogs to be happy in the bag? The bag I got meets airline regulations and has expandable pockets. My plan is to expand the bag once seated but getting to the plane seems daunting! HELP

  5. Hi! What airlines allow you to travel with two small dogs in one carrier? Trying to travel with my two chihuahuas! Thank you! : )

  6. Hello! Thank you for this awesome blog! Your dogs are so cute!
    What airline did you use to travel with both in one bag? I have two tiny Chihuahuas and usually have to bring them in separate bags.

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