Dog agility classes are a great way to expel energy and bond with your dogCheck out New York City's best agility training courses.

The Best Dog Agility Training Classes In NYC

Although New York City offers so much (museums, parks and food, oh my!), there’s one thing it majorly lacks: space! The general lack of space (think tiny apartments and even tinier bathrooms) can make life difficult for active dogs. If your dog has got a case of the wiggles and needs to expel that energy, consider enrolling in a fun agility course. It’s a great way to bond with your dog and to learn new skills to wow their doggy friends. Plus, it’ll channel all of that pent up energy into something constructive, with plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Check out New York City’s best agility training classes below.
Dog agility classes are a great way to expel energy and bond with your dogCheck out New York City's best agility training courses.

What Is Dog Agility Training?

Dog Agility is a canine sport that utilizes obstacle courses. The courses usually include challenges like crawling through tunnels, weaving around poles and leaping through hoops. 

Dog agility can either be practiced as a hobby or competitively. In competitions, dogs are scored on how quickly and accurately they can navigate the course. 

Dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds can participate in agility. It’s a fun and rewarding activity for both humans and their pups.

What Are The Benefits Of Dog Agility Training?

There are many benefits to taking dog agility classes with your pup. Agility courses will:

  • Improve communication skills between you and your dog
  • Strengthen your bond
  • Help build confidence 
  • Provide mental stimulation
  • Fulfill your dog’s natural instincts (chasing and running after prey)
  • Promote exercise and training: it’s a fun workout, for both you and your pup!

Where Can You Buy Dog Agility Equipment?

If you’re lucky enough to have backyard space in New York City, you can buy your own dog agility equipment to practice at home or use in the dog park. 

You can buy dog agility sets, or focus on individual pieces, like a tunnel or weave poles.

Check out these pieces, available on Amazon: this, this, or this

Sets of dog agility equipment.


Dog Agility Courses Available in New York City

Doggie Academy

Doggie Academy is serious when it comes to their agility training. They offer several training classes, including both competition agility courses, for those who want to get serious with the sport, and recreational agility courses, for those who are just looking for fun.

Their agility competition classes include a foundation class, agility skills and agility contacts and weaves. Recreational agility courses include recreational agility 1, 2 and 3, as well as puppy agility, small dog agility and agility fun-throughs. 

For those who want to want to compete, or hobbyists who want to grow within the sport, Doggie Academy is a great option! 

To register, click here

Location: Classes are held at the Brooklyn Dog Training Center, 213 21st Street. 

Andrea Arden Dog Training

Andrea Arden Dog Training offers an Intro to Agility course for anyone new to the sport. It covers jumping, climbing, running and weaving through agility equipment. 

This class is for dogs 5.5 months or older who know basic obedience, including sit, down, stay and come when called.

To register, click here

Location: Beasty Feast, 327 West 14th St.

Dog Boy NYC

Dog Boy NYC’s 5-week agility course covers all agility basics: jumps, weaving poles, tunnels and more. They emphasize fun and improving focus while tackling obstacles (literally). 

There’s no experience necessary and all dogs are welcome. 

Bonus: For those looking for a quick peek into the sport before buying a class, Dog Boy NYC also offers one-day agility classes at Boris & Horton. See our list of dog-friendly NYC events for upcoming dates. 

To register, click here

Location: Wag Club, 362 Furman St.

Empire Of The Dog

Empire of the Dog offers a 5-week Urban Agility class that’s perfect for the city dog. They use the streets, parks and basic household furniture as obstacles. The city is your playground! 

The class is open to dogs 40 pounds and under. 

For those looking for added fun, Empire of the Dog also offers Frisbee Catching classes!

To register, click here

Location: Cobble Hill and Williamsburg

School For The Dogs

School For The Dogs offers their very own version of dog agility: Barkour. It’s the city-dog’s answer to traditional “agility” classes. This 5-week course offers agility-inspired exercises using household items. It’s a great way to learn how to tire your dog out on a rainy day indoors. 

School For The Dog Prep School or trainer approval is required to take the class. Also, dogs participating should not have significant behavior issues. 

To register, click here

Location: 92 E 7th St. 

The NYC Agility Meetup Group

The NYC Agility Meetup Group is a group for agility enthusiasts in the New York area. They host social gatherings, like agility workshops and discussion forums, where dog parents can share tips and organize get togethers. They’re a great way to connect with other New Yorkers interested in dog agility. 

To join, click here

For more helpful information on living with dogs in New York City, check out our dog-friendly NYC guide.

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Dog agility classes are a great way to expel energy and bond with your dogCheck out New York City's best agility training courses.

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