How to meet dogs while traveling

How to Meet Other Dogs While Traveling

Whether you’re on vacation or moving to a new place, it’s always great to find a dog community to be part of. They can help answer questions, tell you about the most trustworthy vets in the area, and let you know where the best dog hang outs are. Whether you find a group online or IRL, they’re a great resource to have. Here are tips on how to meet dogs while traveling.

Happy and young family with pram and dog during the walk in nature.

Go For a Walk

Grab your pup and head out to walk around the neighborhood. You’ll get plenty of smiles from people passing by, but also meet some local pups. Stop to sniff a butt or two, and talk to their owners.

Speaking to local dog owners is the best way to get the low down on the area, and all of the dog-friendly places around town. Ask about vet recommendations, the best parks, and the pet stores with the most to offer.

In Rio de Janeiro, we found places where dogs and their humans meet up in the mornings to let their pups play. It’s a great way to socialize, for both you and your pup.

A dog outside of a bar in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.

Use Instagram

Instagram has gone to the dogs! Nowadays, many dogs have their own profiles. Boogie and Marcelo each have their own accounts, with way more followers than I do!

Login to the gram and explore. Look up hashtags, like #dogsof and enter in your location. You’ll find dogs living in all parts of the world. Find some local hounds and send them a message asking for tips.

If your own account has enough followers, post a photo and ask people who have visited or are local to share info. You don’t need a dog account to do this, a regular human one will do.

A photo of Schuylkill River Dog Run in Philadelphia.

Visit a Dog Park

Dog parks are a great place to go for exercise and to socialize. Many major cities across the world have them. If there aren’t any official dog parks in your area, ask local dog owners or people online about parks where dogs go to play, or unofficial dog parks. In Antigua, we found a lot of dogs playing in the Parque Central on the weekends. 

Find Online Communities

There are online groups for any topic you can think of. Facebook Group,, or Couchsurfing. There are groups based on breed, location, dog size, activity level, and more.

Hop on each platform and do a search. Many of the groups host meet ups, events, and social gatherings that you and your pup can join. They’re also a great place to ask questions and meet people.

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Scope Out Pet Shops

Pet stores are a great place to go for tips, to stock up on goodies, and to meet local dog owners. Check out the pet stores in your area, and you’re bound to come across some new dog friends browsing the aisles. Many pet stores also have flyers for local dog services, or information on the dog-related activities for your four-legged friend.

Do you have any tips on how to meet dog friends when traveling? Share them below!


How to meet dogs while traveling

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  1. Move onto a boat. 🙂

    We meet dogs every time we land at a marina. And see tons of them out on the water. Boating is the only activity more dog-friendly than hiking (many trails prohibit dogs; no waterways do).

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