Dog Halloween Costumes for Every Type of Dog Owner

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Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a pups time to shine! They always look cute, they make everything funnier, and they can’t audibly complain about wearing clothes. Here’s a Halloween costume idea to match every type of dog owner.


Which One Are You?


If You Live in Brooklyn: Williamsburg Hipster


Dog Halloween Costumes

Technically, this item is called Lumberjack Costume for Dogs, but let’s be real, this dog looks like every other white dude in Williamsburg. Buy this item, add in a New York coffee paper cup, and a pair of thick black glasses. Ta-da! You’ve got yourself a bone-afide hipster.

Available at Target.

If You Love to Travel: Tourist

Dog Halloween Costumes

All this pup needs is a camera strapped around his neck and he’s good to go. Take him to Times Square for a photo shoot, or to a view of the Statue of Liberty. He’ll be the cutest tourist there!

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If Your Pup is Aggressive: Cactus

Dog Halloween Costumes

All pups deserve to enjoy Halloween, even the cranky, aggressive types. Let them show their true colors with this cactus costume – it’s prickly, dangerous, and cute, just like them! After all, you are what you eat – err – wear!


If You’re Addicted to Coffee: Puppy Latte

Dog Halloween Costumes

If you can’t live without caffeine, or your dog, then this costume has your name written on it. Combine the two into one and you’ve got the cutest puppy latte ever made. Be careful – it’s hot!

Available on Amazon.


If You Can’t Wait Until Season 8 of Game of Thrones: Knight

Dog Halloween Costumes

Could it be that we have to wait two whole years until the next season of Game of Thrones?! Help get your GoT fix with this knight costume! Will your pup fight for the Stark Bark Army? Or the Lannisters Lannisfurs? Either way they’ll be the cutest knight on the battlefield.

Available on Amazon.


If You’re Political: Trump

Dog Halloween Costumes

Whether you love him or you hate him, Trump was the most talked about man this year. Skip the orange skin and go for the white/blonde Targaryen hair and patriotic neck wear. Help make bad toupees great again!

Available on Amazon.


If You Lean on Your Pup for Emotional Support: Doctor

Dog Halloween Costumes

If your pup is your best friend, and the best medicine for any cure, then they deserve the title of Doctor. Help them out with this cute costume, complete with Doctor kit and stethoscope! They’ll be pupscribing cuddles and pets in no time.

Available on Amazon.

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Halloween is a pups time to shine! It's a holiday meant for dogs. Here are dog Halloween costume ideas to match every type of dog owner.
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