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Cost of Flying In Cabin

Not all airlines are created equal. When it comes to traveling with your pet, some airlines keep it simple, charging a flat rate, while others complicate things, calculating their fees based on things like weight and destination. It can cost as little as $37 to fly with your pet (traveling within Colombia on Avianca flights) or as much as … Here is our break down of airlines and how much they charge for a one way flight with a pet traveling in cabin with you.

Note: These prices are for pets, not service animals.

aegean airlines

Domestic flights: €30
International flight: €60


Within Mexico:
Low Season $1,100 MXN, Price includes tax
High Season $1,400 MXN, Price includes tax

Low Season $135 USD/EUR/GBP (Price includes tax)
High Season $140 USD/EUR/GBP (Not apply from/to USA. Price includes tax)

air canada

Within Canada and Canada/U.S. (except Hawaii)
$50.00 – $59.00 CAD/USD

$100.00 – $118.00 CAD/USA

air france
  • Flights in metropolitan France: €40
  • Flights within the Caribbean: €30 (excluding flights from and to Miami €55)
  • Flights in Europe or between Europe and North Africa: €55
  • Flights between metropolitan France and Cayenne, Fort-de-France,
    Pointe-à-Pitre, Saint-Denis de la Réunion): €55
  • Other flights: €125

Amounts shown in € for flights departing from Europe, in CAD for flights departing from Canada, in USD for flights departing from the United States and all other countries.

alaska airlines

$100.00 each way.

*Note: For flights departing from Canada, the fee is $105 each way. Fees indicated are per kennel/carrier and for travel on Alaska Airlines only. If your itinerary includes travel on another airline, the other airline fee may be assessed. Please check with the other airline for more information.

american airlines

$125 per kennel.

Austrian Airlines
Flight segmentThe price for carriage in the passenger cabin up to a maximum weight of 8 kg¹ and a max. volume² of 118 cmAustrian Airlines destinations
DomesticEUR 50Flights within Austria
EuropeEUR 60Europe incl. Morocco and Armenia
Intercontinental short distanceEUR 80Between Europe and Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Israel
Intercontinental medium distanceEUR 100Between Europe and Chicago, Maldives, Miami, Canada, New York and Washington D.C.
Intercontinental long distanceEUR 110Between Europe and Thailand, South Africa, Los Angeles, Mauritius, China and Japan

FlightsPets up to 10 kilograms are allowed with the weight of the case
Within Colombia*COP 145.000
Within Ecuador*USD 70
From/to the United States and Canada to Central AmericaUSD 160
From/to United States and Canada to South AmericaUSD 165
From/to Central America to South AmericaUSD 170
Between Central AmericaUSD 170
Between South AmericaUSD 220
From/to Mexico to Latin AmericaUSD 160
From/to the Caribbean to Latin AmericaUSD 160
To and from Europe**EUR 180

brussels airlines

European flights: €60 / CHF70 / $70
(+ Armenia, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Russia & Turkey)

Intercontinental flights: €70 / CHF80 / $80

Delta Airlines

U.S./Canada/Puerto Rico: $125 USD

U.S. Virgin Islands/International: $200/USD/CAD/EUR

Brazil: $75 USD


Animals are not allowed on EasyJet flights, apart from recognized registered guide and assistance dogs.


Animals are not permitted in the cabin of Emirates flights, with the exception of falcons between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan, and Guide Dogs for the visually impaired.

etihad airways

In economy, it costs $150 (Dh550) per pet, per flight, to travel six hours or less, and $250 (Dh920) for flights more than six hours. If transiting, the combined price per flight will apply.

frontier airlines

A one-way, directional charge of $99 will apply and may be paid in advance during booking. If you do not pay in advance, you’ll need to pay when you check-in your pet.

Spain (except
Canaries, Europe, North
Africa and the Middle East
and Asia


The pet fee is $125 each way and can be added in the Extras section during booking.

Maximum size and maximum weightMaximum container size: 55 x 40 x 23 cm / 22 x 16 x 9 inches

Maximum overall weight (= container + animal): 8 kg
Domestic routes (Germany) (4)  EUR 50
USD 57
Routes within Europe (4)EUR 60
USD 69
North Africa, Central Asia and countries on the eastern Mediterranean coast (4)EUR 80
USD 92
Short intercontinental routes (4)EUR 90
USD 103
Medium intercontinental routes (4)EUR 100
USD 115
CAD 150
Long intercontinental routes (4)         EUR 110
USD 126
CAD 165
Routes to/from JapanEUR 70
USD 100
CAD 100


Pets traveling are subject to a $95 Pet Fare each way per pet carrier.

spirit airlines

$110 per pet container, each way.

sun country

If the reservation was made in advance, the fee is $75 per flight segment. If making a walk-up request, the fee is $100 per flight segment, if there is room on the aircraft. Please keep in mind that a maximum of four pets can travel on a flight, so we recommend that you book your pet’s reservation in advance. Fees are non-refundable.

swiss airlines
Within SwitzerlandCHF 57
EUR 50
USD 57
EuropeCHF 69
EUR 60
USD 69
Levant and North AfricaCHF 93
EUR 80
USD 93
Short-haul intercontinentalCHF 103
EUR 90
USD 103
Medium-haul intercontinentalCHF 115
EUR 100
USD 115
Long-haul intercontinentalCHF 126
EUR 110
USD 126
From/to JapanCHF 90
EUR 70
USD 100

tap portugal

Domestic Flights (Portugal): 35 EUR / 46 USD / 57 CAD

Europe, Morocco, Tunisia and flights between Accra and São Tomé: 70 EUR / 88 USD / 111 CAD

Intercontinental Flights: 150 EUR / 185 USD / 235 CAD

turkish airlines

Domestic Flights: 80 TRY

Carriage of pets is not included in free baggage allowance and is subject to fees. When weighed together with the crate to be carried in the cabin, it should not be more than 8 kg. 

The pet is weighed with its crate, regardless of the passenger’s free baggage allowance. The pet fee is calculated by multiplying the price per kg according to the table below, which applies to the route along with the weight. 

The excess baggage fee is charged per box or crate. For example: If a passenger traveling from Istanbul to Frankfurt has two cats in one crate (container), the container is weighed with the two cats. If the total weight (crate and cats) does not exceed 8 kg, the passenger is charged by multiplying the pet fee per kg according to the table below.

ZonesZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
Turkey8 EUR9 EUR10 EUR11 EUR16 EUR
Zone 19 EUR10 EUR12 EUR15 EUR20 EUR
Zone 210 EUR12 EUR14 EUR17 EUR22 EUR
Zone 312 EUR14 EUR16 EUR19 EUR24 EUR
Zone 415 EUR17 EUR19 EUR22 EUR27 EUR
Zone 520 EUR22 EUR24 EUR27 EUR32 EUR

united airlines

There’s a $125 service charge each way and an additional $125 service charge for each stopover of more than four hours within the U.S. or more than 24 hours outside of the U.S.

Virgin America

Sorry, pet bookings will remain unavailable until 2022. 

west jet

Travel within/between Canada and the U.S.

$50 – $59 CAD/USD

Travel between Canada/U.S. and all destinations outside the U.S.

$100 – $118 CAD/USD

Do you have a favorite airline when you travel with your pet in cabin? Let us know in the comments!

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