Top Spots where your Dog can Swim in NYC

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Top 4 Spots Where Your Dog Can Swim in NYC

Living in the concrete jungle doesn’t mean you have to go a whole summer without swimming. There are places where your dog can splash, play and cool down. Here are the top spots where your dog can swim in NYC.

But first! Prepare your dog to swim by getting the right gear. 

Dog Beach

Living in the concrete jungle doesn't mean you have to go a whole summer without swimming. Here are the top 4 spots where your dog can swim in NYC.

Located at Long Meadow in Prospect Park, Dog Beach is the perfect swimming hole for our four-legged friends. It was recently renovated in 2016 with new fencing and rocks brought in from upstate New York. Dogs are able to swim, run, and play freely during off leash hours in the dog days of summer.

Prospect Park is a haven for dogs, offering acres of dog-friendly green space beyond Dog Beach. You can connect with other Prospect Park dog owners through FIDO, New York City’s largest off-leash community. They host events throughout the year, like Coffee Bark, a monthly get together for dog owners to meet, socialize, and exchange information while enjoying coffee, pastries, and dog biscuits.

Location: 95 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Francis Lewis Park

Living in the concrete jungle doesn't mean you have to go a whole summer without swimming. Here are the top 4 spots where your dog can swim in NYC.

With epic views of the Whitestone Bridge, and sandy shores to run on, Francis Lewis Park is the perfect place to take a dip. Dogs are free to climb the rocks, run on the sand, and splash around as much as they want in the water. The area is calm, but water levels change so check the tide before heading out.

Pro tip: close the gate when you enter, and ask others to do the same so that your pup can enjoy off-leash play time with no worry of escapes.

Location: 3rd Ave, College Point, NY 11356 (Queens)

Louis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier

Louis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier

This kayak launch point in Red Hook doubles as a dog swimming oasis for adventurous doggos.

Head below the pier where your pup is free to frolic in the water and swim out. Dry off in the grassy park, or sitting on the benches along the pier.

You can see the Statue of Liberty (it’s only 1.5 miles away!) or check out the fishermen. After spending the day at the pier, grab a bite of Steve’s Key Lime Pie before heading home. Perfect.

Location: Coffey St & Ferris St, Brooklyn, NY 11231


Living in the concrete jungle doesn't mean you have to go a whole summer without swimming. Here are the top 4 spots where your dog can swim in NYC.

If you’re serious about your dog getting some good exercise, then Water4Dogs is the place to go.

This downtown facility is used for dog rehabilitation and physical therapy. They have a heated therapy pool you can rent out in half hour and hour increments.

Call them to set up a private appointment for your dog to come in and swim. They provide the towels!

Location: 77 Worth Street, 2nd Floor, New York

All Dogs in the City

all dogs in the city

All Dogs in the City is a recreational resort for dogs located in Queens.

They’re a one stop shop, and offer a huge array of services for your dog, from grooming, daycare, boarding, dog walking and pick-up services, to even swimming!

They have a heated pool, and a sanitation system using ultraviolet light that keeps the water essentially chemical free, so your dog is safe to frolic and splash to their hearts content. 

Location: 18-73 42nd St, Astoria, NY 11105

Crescent Beach Park

A wet dog.

Crescent Beach Park is a gem of a place located in Staten Island. This moon-shaped green space filled with marshes, woods and wetlands has an off-leash dog area where your dog can run, play, and get their paws wet.

The park can be a little difficult to find – follow the paved path to the mulch path to a big furrow in the sand.

Location: 6549, 366 Tennyson Dr, Staten Island, NY

Gerritsen Beach

Gerritsen Beach

Gerritsen Beach is located right near Floyd Bennett Field, home to New York City’s first municipal airport. This location is a favorite for local dog owners to get their pup a bit of off-leash exercise. 

The beach has sand, some nature, and water for your dog to swim. While it could be cleaner, it should be fine for those with lower standards (this is New York City, not Hawaii!). 

Location: 3078 Gerritsen Ave, Brooklyn, NY, US, 11229

Plumb Beach (Gateway National Recreation Area)

Plumb Beach

Located near Sheepshead Bay and tucked away on the Belt Parkway is a little beach called Plumb Beach (also known as Plum Beach). This Brooklyn stretch of shoreline is a picturesque hidden gem, that’s an important habitat for horseshoe crabs – you’ll spot them all over.

There’s a kayak launch, hidden paths, sand dunes, marshes and streams. It’s a great place to explore, and watch a sunset.

The beach is usually calm and free of crowds, since it’s not very well known.

It’s open daily from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. There’s free parking, for those with a car.

Location: Belt Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11228

Local Dog Parks

Small dog park in Tribeca.

Once the temperature heats up, many dog parks in NYC will bust out the sprinkler systems and kiddy pools. 

They’re a great place to take your dog to cool off and to play with others. Just remember – don’t pee in the pool!

Check your local dog park to see if they have a hose system, and have fun! 

Location: various.

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Living in the concrete jungle doesn’t mean you have to go a whole summer without swimming. Here are the top 4 spots where your dog can swim in NYC.
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