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Pet Transportation in New York City

Welcome to the Big Apple! The concrete jungle is incredibly dog-friendly, and that includes their public transportation. Public transportation in NYC is not only convenient, but it’s cheap. We break down different modes of public transport in New York City so you’ll know which ones will welcome your furry friend. Here we go!

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Rules for Riding the Subway with your Dog

The subway is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get around NYC with your pup. Dogs are allowed on the subway as long as they are in a bag or carrier and not bothering anyone.

In the official MTA rules, Section 1050.9 states “no person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.” That means you’re free to travel to all five boroughs with your pooch for only $2.75!

Have a large dog? Not to worry. New Yorkers can be creative, and you can do the same. Grab an Ikea bag or a large duffle and ride the tracks.

Service animals, dogs working for law enforcement, and animals being trained for service are the exception to the rule. The MTA defines “service animal” with the following statement:

“Service animal” means a guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability that such person is unable to perform due to such disability, such as guiding persons with impaired vision, alerting persons with impaired hearing to sounds, pulling a wheelchair, retrieving dropped items or providing rescue assistance. The term service animal does not include a therapy animal or animal used for emotional support.

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Rules for Riding the Bus with your Dog

New York City public buses, like the subway, are run by the MTA, and subject to the same rules as the subway system. Dogs are allowed, as long as they are in a bag and not bothering anyone.

Again, service animals, dogs working for law enforcement, and animals in training for service are the exception to the rule. (See above for clarification).

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Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Pet Policy

To travel on the Long Island Rail Road, a pet must be in a bag or carrier. The LIRR website states that an animal must be “properly confined for shipment.”

Have a large dog? You can get creative and hope for the best.

The LIRR lists seeing eye and hearing dogs as the exception to the rule.

Metro-North Railroad Pet Policy

Metro-North is not as strict. You’re allowed to bring a dog as long as they’re on a leash or in a bag, and as long as they’re well behaved. Metro-North says:

No person except a police officer or other person authorized by Metro-North shall enter a terminal, station or train with any animal except a seeing eye or hearing ear dog or an animal en route to or from a train and under the direct control of the individual the animal is accompanying such as by leash, container or other device.

The same rules apply to service animals.

The PATH Train Pet Policy

Dogs are allowed on the PATH train as long as they are “properly confined for shipment,” meaning in a crate or container. Service animals are the exception.

New Jersey Transit Pet Policy

You can travel on NJ Transit trains and buses with a small dog in a carrier. They state that “Only service animals accompanying customers with disabilities or their trainers, police dogs, and small pets in carry-on travel cages are allowed on-board NJ TRANSIT trains or buses.”

AirTrain to JFK Pet Policy

The AirTrain to JFK allows “small domestic animals in secure carriers” to travel on board. However, we’ve witnessed larger dogs using the AirTrain without a problem. Proceed at your own risk – fingers crossed!

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NYC Ferry Pet Policy

Dogs are allowed on the NYC Ferry, as long as they’re in a carrier.

The official website states, “we follow a ‘No Paws on Deck’ rule meaning your pet must be in a pet carrier to be allowed on board for the comfort and safety of all riders.”

Granted, I have to say I’ve ridden the ferry many times over the years and have always seen dog passengers, oftentimes not in a carrier and/or not wearing a muzzle.

Staten Island Ferry Pet Policy

Pets are allowed on the Staten Island Ferry as long as they’re caged and/or muzzled. If your pet is behaving, you can politely ask ferry staff for permission to remove them from their cage/remove the muzzle. Good luck!

NYC Water Taxi Pet Polocy

Unfortunately, only “assisted life” and “seeing eye” dogs are allowed on board. No other animals are permitted.

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Yellow Taxis Pet Policy

Dogs are allowed in yellow cabs, but it’s ultimately up to the driver. Small dogs in carriers usually have the most luck with getting a ride.

If you have a large dog, have them sit by your side as you hail a cab, so the driver can see that they’re well behaved. Bring a towel for them to sit on and remember to tip generously.

Pet Taxis

If you want to ensure that you have a ride with your pet, and that you won’t be denied, order a pet taxi. They’re reliable, safe, and have pet experience.

The highest rated services in New York City are k9 Cars and Pet Cab. Contact them directly for rates and reservations.

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Uber Pet Policy

Pet parents asked, and Uber listened. Uber now offers Uber Pet rides, pet-friendly rides for you and your pet.

Requesting an Uber Pet ride is similar to requesting any other type of Uber vehicle. Just put in your destination and scroll down to Uber Pet. It should look like this:

Uber Pet

There is no breed or size restriction with Uber Pet! You can bring one pet on your pet-friendly ride, and any additional pets you bring are within the individual driver partner’s discretion. I’d recommend letting the driver know ahead of time if you have more with a message or text.

Unfortunately, pet-friendly rides will cost a bit more than other vehicle options.
Also, if your pet leaves waste, excessive hair, or damages the vehicle, you could be charged a cleaning fee.

If you’re traveling with a service animal, then feel free to request any type of Uber.

According to Uber:

Service animals are permitted to accompany riders at all times. If you’re traveling with a pet that’s not a service animal, drivers may choose whether or not to allow the pet in their vehicle.

Uber recommends texting or calling the driver ahead of time to give them a heads up that you’re traveling with a dog, and to bring a blanket or towel with you.

Lyft Pet Policy

Lyft says that, “it’s entirely up to the driver whether or not to allow the passenger’s pet in the vehicle.” They advise passengers to notify their drivers ahead of time if they’ll be traveling with a dog.

We recommend keeping your dog on a leash or in a bag, and bringing a towel for clean up.

Click here for more dog-friendly NYC.

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Visiting NYC? Here are all the modes of public transportation you can travel on with your dog.
Coming to NYC? We break down pet transportation in New York City so you’ll know which ones are pet friendly! Welcome to the Big Apple.

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