10 Reasons to Travel with your Dog

Dogs are our most loyal companions. Today more than ever, people are bringing their dogs along on trips. And why shouldn’t they? They make great travel buddies, and with updated policies, it’s easier than ever include them. Here are 10 reasons to travel with your dog.

Today more than ever, people are bringing their dogs along on family trips. It's the best! Here are 10 reasons to travel with your dog.

10 Reasons to Travel with your Dog

1. Dogs Make You Happier

Dogs are special! Studies show that they reduce stress, increase happiness, and lengthen our lives. Who better to join you on a trip than a furry friend who is always happy? A wagging tail is an instant mood booster in any situation.

2. It’s Easier Than Ever

There’s no reason to leave your dog behind anymore, with airlines, hotels, and shared services making it easier than ever to include them. Many will even go out of their way to accommodate your pooch, at times with no extra fees. With changing policies and more and more places becoming dog friendly, your dog can definitely join in on the fun.

3. Be Social

Dogs are social beings. They’re experts at spending time outside, meeting new people, and making people smile. It’s no surprise that studies confirmed they help their humans form social connections and find support. They make great ice breakers, so making friends or striking up a conversation becomes much easier. Check out the study here.

4. They Make Photos Better

What’s better than 1,000 selfies of yourself? Pictures of your dog! Grab a camera and make your photos go from cliché to fab. There’s no need to worry about a bad hair day or no make up – dogs always look good.

5. You’ll Never Be Alone

There’s no need to worry about dining solo, sleeping alone, or people watching on your own. Look up pet friendly restaurants, preferably with outdoor areas or patios. Stay in pet friendly accommodations, like a hotel or Airbnb. And of course, find a bench for two.

6. Stay Active

Spending time outdoors is not only fun for dogs, but necessary. Bathroom breaks, exercise, and fresh air will keep them busy and happy, and prevent you from getting lazy. Take a long walk, go on a hike, or stroll through a park. Your furry friend will thank you for the exercise, and so will your health!

7. You’ll Fit In More

Locals are used to spotting tourists wearing sunglasses, holding a camera, and sporting a fanny pack. Walking down the street with a canine in tow will change the game – no one will think you’re just visiting! You’ll be less of a target for common scams or tourist traps, and you’ll make a dog loving friend or two while outside.

8. Pet Friendly Activities Are Fun!

The number of pet friendly places in a city or town might surprise you. While looking for sites to visit with your pet, you might stumble upon some interesting locations you would have previously overlooked. Grab your dog and visit!

9. You’ll Have Your Own Personal Assistant

Dogs make great alarm clocks, bodyguards, and life coaches! Allow your pup to wake you in the morning to seize the day. They’ll watch over you and your things, and alert you when someone approaches. And of course, they’ll remind you enjoy your day and smile!

10. The Memories

Dogs lead by example; they live in the moment, show unconditional love, and don’t worry about the future. They’re our best friends, and deserve to be an active part of our lives. Traveling with your pooch will help seal your bond, and create memories you’ll never forget.

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Today more than ever, people are bringing their dogs along on family trips. It's the best! Here are 10 reasons to travel with your dog.
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