We Went To Pug Camp!

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Last weekend we drove up to Lakewood, Pennsylvania to attend the first annual Pug Camp!


Pug Camp is a dream vacation for pugs…and the humans who love them! It all went down at Camp Weequahic when a bunch of curly tails gathered to have major pug fun and to raise money for pug rescue. This year, five featured rescues showed up to represent and get $$$: Pug Nation LA, S.N.O.R.T., Pug Rescue of New England, Guardian Angels Pug Rescue, and Wyoming Pug Rescue.

Pug Side Eye

There were so many pug filled activities! Friday night kicked off with Pug Trivia Bingo. Did you know that the American Kennel Club recognized the pug as a breed in 1885?


The Pug Olympics, where pugs faced off in events such as pug races, a kissing contest, and the limbo!

Look at them go!

Nothing’s cuter than kids and pug puppies!

Pug Camp ready


Pugs are my drug of choice

Kissing contest!

Curliest Tail winner

We have a pug race winner!

There was Doga in the mornings – dog yoga! BYOP.

Now back to Downward Facing Pug…Namaste

An epic costume contest (NO ONE does costumes like a pug!). The pugs strutted their stuff down the red carpet and battled for Most Original Costume, Best Grumble, and Cutest Puppy, amongst other things.

The Queens of Crafting a.k.a The Crafty Hong Sisters hosted a craft event, where you could sew your own pug or decorate a frame, complete with pug photo. Extra stuffing needed for those pug bellies.

Sewing a Pug

Taking pug pics

Picture perfect



Sassy Zebra Pug gets extra stuffing

A Pajama Contest, which was extra fitting because pugs love to get snug, and no one naps like a pug!

Pugs in PJs!

A silent auction to end all auctions, with over 125 items! There was everything from tickets to Disney World, to a custom painting by Emoji the pug, to a 6 month subscription to BarkBox up for grabs.


No one could get enough of the #puglife. There were so many snorts and sneezes that the local news even came around to investigate.

Curly tails for days

Summer Camp will never be the same.


We can’t wait until next year! See you there.

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Boogie went to summer camp! We spent a weekend at Pug Camp in Pennsylvania to have some pug fun while living the pug life.

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