The Best Gifts for Dog People

The Best Gifts for Dog People

The Best Gifts for Dog People


The Best Gifts for Dog People

1. Elliott Erwitt’s Dogs

Elliott Erwitt’s classic dog photos can be enjoyed by all ages.

2. Dogs of the Week Dishcloths, Set of 7

A dog (and dishcloth) for every day of the week!

3. Family Pajama Sets

These family pajama sets come in a variety of patterns and colors. There’s something for everyone.

4. Dohwaji Dapper Dog Trinket Dish

These stylish dog trinket dishes are a must.

5. Fizz Dog Face Mug

This fun clear mug comes in a gift box.

6. Dog-a-Day Platter

The Dog-a-Day set also features mugs and plates.

7. My Kind Of Person Bowl

Buy the matching cups to get the full set.

8. DIY Dog Leash Kit

For all of the crafty dog lovers.

9. Don’t Be Square Unisex T-Shirt

A portion of each purchase is donated to dog rescue!

10. Dog Momager Greeting Card

For the ultimate dog parent. This card is inspired by the biggest momager of them all, Ms. Kris Jenner.

11. Christmas Fair Isle Sweater

Fashionable, yet cozy.


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