Gifts for the Frugal Dog – $10 or Less!

Gifts for the Frugal Pup - $10 or Less!

Gifts for the Frugal Pup - $10 or Less!


Gifts for the Frugal Dog – $10 or Less!

1. Handmade Dog Magnets

Choose from Pug, Chihuahua, Pitbull, and French Bulldog.

2. Dog Gang Sticker

Show your support for the friendliest gang ever.

3. Holiday Pet Hoodie

Turn your pooch into Rudolph this winter.

4. Buffalo Checkered Trapper Hat

This hat will keep your pup’s head warm during a romp in the snow.

5. Holiday Tails Hanukkah Gefilte Fish Flattie Dog

This fish toy has a squeaker in the belly and crinkle lining.

6. Ceramic Dog Bowl

This dog bowl is chic and affordable.

7. Doggie Walk Dispenser Bag

No more hard plastic bones! Hold your poop bags in this stylish pouch.

8. Holiday Tails Rope

Perfect for a game of tug-of-war.

9. Dog Love Poems Notebook

Now you can document those songs you sing to your pup every day.

10. Cactus Wool Toy

This wool toy is almost too beautiful to chew….almost.

11. Buffalo Jacket

This jacket will help your pooch stay warm during winter walks.


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