We tested two different models of the K9 Sport Sack dog backpack. Here's our honest review, as well as a discount code so you can get one too!

Product Review: K9 Sport Sack (plus a discount code!)

As dog owners, we’re always on the lookout for products that make life with our pups easier and more fun. We have active lifestyles and love long walks and exploring new places. Our pug Boogie loves coming along for the ride, but doesn’t always have the energy to keep up. We wanted to include him in our travels, but not tire him out to the point of exhaustion. 

There are so many different types of carriers on the market, but we ultimately decided to go with a backpack. It would free up both hands and weight could be evenly distributed on both shoulders (nice when you’re carrying a chubby little pug). 

Enter the K9 Sport Sack. Like us, you’ve probably seen it all over Instagram. This lightweight, front-facing dog carrier is great for dogs on the go. We had to try it our for ourselves – and not just one style, but two! Check out how it went and if this dog carrier backpack is worth the hype. 

K9 Sport Sack: The Facts

There are currently six types of K9 Sport Sack available:

K9 Sport Sack Types

The TRAINER is for dog backpack newbies. It’s great for casual activities like walks, short hikes and easy bike rides. It’s the most affordable sport sack on the market, so if you’re on a budget, this one’s for you! Available in XS, S, M, and L. 

The AIR 2 is the classic option for dog parents. It has added support and is a great choice for bike rides, medium hikes and adventures on public transportation. Available in XS, S, M, and L. 

The AIR PLUS 2 is a step up, and comes with additional storage, padding and ventilation. It’s a great option for longer adventures and travel. Available in S, M, and L. 

The URBAN 2 is for the fashionable pup who likes to put their best paw forward. It has all of the comforts of the AIR, but with added style. Available in XS, S, M, and L. 

The KNAVIGATE is for active dogs who want to go hiking or biking for longer duration and distances. It has a combination of all the best features from K9 Sport Sack’s backpack dog carriers. Available in XS, S, M, L, and XL. 

The ROVER 2 is meant for all of the big dogs out there. Available in L, XL, and XXL. 

We tested two different models of the K9 Sport Sack dog backpack. Here's our honest review, as well as a discount code so you can get one too!

Is the K9 Sport Sack safe?

As long as it’s used correctly and your dog has no pre-existing conditions, the K9 Sport Sack is safe to use.

Each model of the K9 Sport Sack was carefully crafted under the direction of multiple veterinarians and dog trainers.

Plus, all size carriers come equipped with the following safety features: a carabiner collar clip, a collar enclosure, angled side cinch straps, a no-slip zipper, zipper loop, and side ventilation. 

However, keep in mind that no dog or breed is the same in terms of weight, body type, current health, and other distinguishing factors. Definitely consult a veterinarian, especially if your dog has any pre-existing conditions associated with their back. 

Also, remember not to use the K9 Sport Sack for extended time periods in extreme weather conditions. 

Tips for getting your dog into the K9 Sport Sack 

We tested two different models of the K9 Sport Sack dog backpack. Here's our honest review, as well as a discount code so you can get one too!

Here are tips for getting your dog comfortably into the Sport Sack:

  • A tired dog is a good dog: A tired dog is much more likely to hold still and agree to enter the bag than a dog with the wiggles. Make sure your pup has released all of their pent up energy before securing them in the bag. 
  • Have a buddy: While I can now easily put Boogie in his Sport Sack on my own, when we were first starting out it was much easier to do with a friend. Four hands are better than two, especially when dealing with a beefy pug. I’d put the Sport Sack on (front facing), a buddy would lift Boogie, and we’d buckle him in together. Voila!
  • Bring reinforcements: Treats and positive reinforcement go a long way! Don’t forget to reward your dog and always use a happy tone. 

K9 Sport Sack Sizing

It’s important to know the following numbers when choosing your Sport Sack size:

  • Length: the measurement from your dog’s neck to the base of the tail.
  • Girth: the measurement of the widest part of your dog’s chest. 
  • Weight: how much your dog weighs.

Be aware that each Sport Sack has a weight limit. 

  • The TRAINER is for dogs up to 30lbs/13kgs.
  • The AIR is for dogs up to 30lbs/13kgs.
  • The AIR PLUS is for dogs up to 40lbs/18kgs.
  • The URBAN is for dogs up to 30lbs/13kgs.
  • The KNAVIGATE is for dogs up to 50lbs/23kgs.
  • The ROVER is for dogs from 30lbs to up to 80lbs. 

Boogie weighs 22lbs, has a length of 16 inches and a girth of 21 inches. Both his AIR K9 Sport Sack and AIR PLUS K9 Sport Sack are a size L. 

If you’re still unsure about sizing, you can text a picture of your dog to 385-515-8908 or e-mail [email protected] for help. 

Our K9 Sport Sack Story

We lead an active lifestyle in a big city (hey New York!), and love to include Boogie whenever possible. That means jumping on the subway, taking long walks and biking through Central Park.

Unfortunately, Boogie’s got the body of a potato instead of a Greyhound, meaning he gets tired and can’t always keep up. Plus, as in most cities, there are rules to keep in mind: he can’t ride public transportation unless he’s in a bag. It’s also easier to maneuver crowded sidewalks when he’s not trotting at my feet. 

All this is to say that a travel bag was important. But not just any travel bag – shoulder bags were stiff and annoying to carry when not in use. Also, carrying a 20+ lb. pug on one shoulder was heavy! I was often left with indent marks from the strap digging into my shoulder. 

Enter the K9 Sport Sack. Here’s how it went.  

Our K9 Sport Sack Review

Model: Air

The Air is the original version of the K9 Sport Sack. It seemed like the perfect bag to dip our toes into the dog backpack world. It’s affordable, stylish (it comes in great colors!), and made of durable, easy to clean material.

We tested two different models of the K9 Sport Sack dog backpack. Here's our honest review, as well as a discount code so you can get one too!
Boogie on the subway.

We loved it right off the bat. After awkwardly getting Boogie into it the first few times, we were happy to learn that putting him in got easier with each use. Plus, Boogie began to seek it out, especially when tired. 

My favorite thing about it, by far, is how lightweight and malleable it is. It’s easy to fold up and throw in a suitcase or purse, making it easy to travel with. Unlike our other dog bags, it’s not bulky or stiff. No one wants to lug around a big, heavy backpack, especially when it’s not in use. 

Another plus was being able to divide Boogie’s weight on two shoulders with padded straps. It’s much easier to carry him around. It took much longer for my back to get tired compared to pet carriers that rest on one shoulder. 

The one con I kept coming back to is that the K9 Sport Sack wasn’t really good for much if Boogie wasn’t in it. It was great for the subway ride or the long walk, but once Boogie was out and walking, I’d just have to keep it empty on my back. Sometime’s I’d throw it into a tote or big purse, but that meant I needed to have the space for it. This wasn’t a huge hurdle, especially because the Sport Sack is so weightless, but it’s still worth a mention. 


Lightweight, flexible and breathable

Two side pockets (for water, poop bags, etc.)

Supportive shoulder straps

Velcro add-on for custom and pre-made patches

Available in five colors and four sizes


No extra storage

The water bottle holder is hard to use when Boogie is in the bag.

Model: Air Plus

When the Air Plus came out, we had to try it, so we packed it on a two-week trip to Mexico City. We wanted to see how it stacked up to the original Air, and if it was really worth the extra cost. 

The Air Plus, like the Air, is lightweight and flexible, and easy to pack in a suitcase. 

The main difference between the two, besides price, is the added support on the straps and back panel, and extra ventilation. It also comes with a detachable storage bag, which was the thing we were most excited about. 

We tested two different models of the K9 Sport Sack dog backpack. Here's our honest review, as well as a discount code so you can get one too!
Boogie in Mexico City.

The extra perks were great, but it was the storage bag that really changed the game for us. It made the Sport Sack useful even when Boogie wasn’t actually using it.

We used the storage bag to pack usual necessities, like poop bags and dog treats. We also used it to pack our own things, like a light sweater, chapstick and my phone. It was perfect for traveling with a dog, and we ended up using it almost every day of our trip. 

For those not going out all day, the Air Plus still comes in handy. The storage bag is detachable, so if you’re going on a quick bike ride or walk and don’t need it, no sweat, you can leave it at home. 

The storage bag alone made the Air Plus worth the extra money. I would definitely recommend it, and choose it over the Air.


Lightweight, flexible and breathable

Detachable storage bag (14″x 9″)

Two side pockets (for water, poop bags, etc.)

Thicker and wider supportive shoulder straps

Padded back panel for comfort and cooling

Velcro add-on for custom and pre-made patches

✓ Great for traveling

Available in five colors and three sizes


The storage compartment does not fit a standard laptop.

Do we recommend the K9 Sport Sack?


I love that they have multiple price points, and that all of their bags are lightweight and durable. It’s a great bag to own whether you travel or not. 

K9 Sport Sack Promo Code

Looking for a K9 Sport Sack coupon? You’ve come to the right place!

Use code BOOGIE for 10% off when purchasing.

Visit the official website, choose your very own sport sack and get your dog on!

Get your K9 Sport Sack Today!

We love K9 Sport Sack and hope you do too! If you’d like to try it out, visit their website and use code BOOGIE for 10% off when purchasing. 

We purchased the K9 Sport Sack Air at a local pet store. K9 Sport Sack kindly provided the Air Plus so that we could test it out on our adventure in Mexico. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely our own and we were in no way compensated for this review. 

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We tested two different models of the K9 Sport Sack dog backpack. Here's our honest review, as well as a discount code so you can get one too!

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