10 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Pug

10 things you should know before getting a pug.
10 things you should know before getting a pug.

Photo by Pets by Petra

1. Pugs Are Royalty

In ancient times, pugs were bred as companions for Chinese emperors. Later, they lived with ruling families in the Netherlands. Queen Victoria of England bred her own pugs, and her passion for them passed down to her grandson King George V and his son King Edward VIII.

2. Get a Lint Roller

Pugs shed… a lot! Some pugs even come with double coats, meaning they have both an undercoat and topcoat of fur. Make sure you stock up on lint rollers, and invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

3. They’re Like Velcro

Pugs love their humans and always want to be with them. On your lap, in your bed, even at your feet while you use the bathroom. They’re called velcro pugs for a reason! Get used to never being alone again, and forget about your personal space.

4. Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Like all flat-faced breeds, pugs sometimes have breathing issues. They don’t do well in hot or humid weather. They do best in moderate temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold. Always make sure your pug has a comfortable area to be in, and that they don’t spend too much time outdoors in extreme weather.

5. Put Your Vet in Your Contacts

Pugs are prone to a variety of different health issues. Their big eyes can lead to corneal ulcers or dry eye, their smushed face can lead to breathing issues, and their wrinkles must be cleaned. Trips to the vet for general check-ups are a must, along with regular grooming (nail trims, wrinkle wipes, and ear cleanings).

6. They’re Never Full

If you are what you eat, then pugs are anything and everything! They live to eat, and are prone to obesity. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are super important, as is watching their weight. Don’t overdo it on the treats, and make sure your pug stays at a healthy weight to avoid health issues.

All dogs are different, but we’ve found that this recipe is great for keeping Boogie at an appropriate and healthy weight.

7. They’re Stubborn with a Capital S

A pug will always go to extreme measures to get what they want, whether that be food, their human, or more food. This means they’re not always the most obedient. Always use positive reinforcement when training them, but definitely expect some push back.

8. They’re Versatile

Pugs are the ideal pet because they’re so versatile. They’re great with old folks or children, in the city or country, as a solo pet or in a pack, or in an apartment or a house.

9. Learn to Love the Pug Symphony

Pugs wheeze, snort, sneeze, and snore. They’re constantly making funny sounds, especially at night time and when napping. These sounds are second nature in a pug household, but if you’re a light sleeper or have audio sensitivities, you might want to invest in ear plugs.

10. You’ll Never Regret It

Once you go pug, you’ll never go back. These creatures will keep you laughing, and put a smile on your face every single day. They give unconditional love, and make great family dogs. Their size, temperament, and great personalities make them the perfect pet.

10 things you should know before getting a pug.

Photo by Pets by Petra

Do you have a pug? If so, what makes them great? We’d love to hear in the comments!

Pugs are goofy, loyal, and loving little creatures, but there’s a lot more to them that people don’t realize! Here are 10 things you should know before getting a pug.
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  1. Pugs are the best company, the most entertaining, heart-breakingly adorable, NAUGHTY, sweet angels. But they will cost you a fortune at the vets. So be prepared for that and don’t add one to your family if you can’t commit to your pugs health.

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  2. I am posing this strange question to all human companions of pugs; what would make one particular breed of dog ( enter The Pug ) more obsessed with food than any other breed ? I have talked with multiple vets, scores of pug owners – and they all agree the the pug is the most food oriented. But why ? I would assume that any trait specific to one breed has to have some historical or genetic foundation.
    The above guidance, by the way, is extremely accurate – and very helpful.

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      Thanks so much Ted! You pose an interesting question. I have no idea why they’re so obsessed, but most certainly are. Maybe it has to do with their stubbornness, and always wanting to get what they want.

  3. Hi ,I have a question ! I wanna get a pug , but I live in a country with really hot weather in the summer . Would getting a pug be a good idea ? Thanks !

    1. Post

      Hi! We have taken the dogs to hot climates before, and NYC gets very hot in the summer. We make sure they have a cool place to hang out (fans, air conditioning, kiddie pools, and shade are good!) and they don’t spend too much time in direct sunlight. It should be fine to have one as long as you have options for them to keep cool.

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