Tips for Finding Dog-Friendly Accommodation
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Must Read Tips for Finding Dog-Friendly Accommodation

If you’re planning a trip with your pup, finding dog-friendly accommodation is probably at the top of your to-do list. Making sure that you and your dog have a safe and comfortable place to stay will make your trip all the more enjoyable and stress free. Here are tips for finding dog-friendly accommodations no matter where you’re going. 

Tips for Finding Dog-Friendly Accommodation

Explore All Options

Nowadays, travel accommodation options seem endless!

You can choose between staying in an apartment, hotels, tents, camper vans, RV’s, Couchsurfing, bed and breakfasts, resorts, glamping… you name it!

Don’t limit yourself to hotels.

There are so many options out there that are worth giving a shot. You might surprise yourself! 

Be Honest

Whether you’re going on vacation or booking an extended stay, it’s always best to be honest with your host.

Tell them about your dog, and describe them accurately.

Lying about anything could lead to being asked to leave, messing up your plans, and ruining your and other dog owners’ chances of ever staying there again. 

Is there something negative about your dog that you should let your host know? Tell them, but share a positive to go with it. For example, pugs shed a lot. We let hosts know, but follow up by saying we are happy to sweep daily and bring a dog bed to minimize fur on furniture. With bad, comes good – there’s always a balance!

Don’t Stop At No

Tips for Finding Dog-Friendly Accommodation

We often find Airbnbs we love that are not listed as pet-friendly.

We send hosts a message anyway, explaining who we are, who our dogs are, and why we’d be respectful guests.

While some politely decline, others have been ok with us and we’ve booked a stay.

Don’t limit yourself to pet-friendly listings.

While we check those first, we also search all available options to find the space that best fits our needs, and we contact them regardless of their policy. It helps to have positive reviews, especially ones that mention your well-behaved dogs. 

Size Matters

Some places have weight and size limits for four-legged guests.

This is ok for small dog owners, but it’s a pain for those with big ones.

If you’re traveling with a larger dog, familiarize yourself with hotels that don’t have size restrictions. This includes chains like Motel 6, Red Roof, and Kimpton. 

Ask The Important Questions

Here’s a list of questions to ask pet-friendly hotels.

These can be adapted for other accommodation types, so you’re sure to get the important stuff out of the way.

The more information you have, the better prepared you’ll be for your stay. 

Want more tips for finding dog-friendly accommodation? Click here.

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If you’re planning a trip with your dog, finding dog-friendly accommodation is probably at the top of your list. Here are tips for finding a place to stay.

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  1. Such great advice (as usual). I’m always amazed by the variety of fees and restrictions regarding weight etc. Do you ever check out Tripadvisor reviews? I like to do a keyword search for “dogs” for the hotel I’m interested in. People often write about the attitudes of staff towards their dogs which I find very helpful.

  2. La Quinta by Wyndham is a chain where most locations accept no size limits. I only know this personally from a friend who used to be a night manager.

    This is such a great resource! bookmarked 🙂 for future use

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