Introducing Dog Candy

Introducing Dog Candy!

We have some super exciting news!

We’d love to introduce you to our new shop…Dog Candy!

Dog Candy is a whimsical dog brand based in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

We sell fun dog products for the dog moms, dog dads, and dog lovers in your life. It is inspired and heavily influenced by Boogie and Marcelo.

We have stickers, notebooks, enamel pins, greeting cards, and even worry dolls! In addition to those items, we’re cooking up plenty more, including a bad dog coloring book, patches, and magnets. 

Take a look at some of our products and be sure to check out the Dog Candy Shop

Greeting Cards


Dog Candy Shop

Most dogs talk turdy at least twice a day. 

Dog Candy Shop

I’m not a regular dog mom…I’m a cool dog mom. This card is a must for that special dog momager in your life! It was inspired by the most famous momager of them all, Ms. Kris Jenner.

Dog Candy Shop

And of course, some sound advice from the queens of girl pop, the Spice Girls. Must love animals, zigazig ah!

Enamel Pins


Dog Candy Shop

Dog gangs don’t get enough support these days, so showcase yours with this enamel pin. 

Dog Candy Shop

They’re the best, aren’t they?



Dog Candy Shop

I’m not sure if this 80 page blank notebook will be able to fit every name, so be sure to buy two. 

Dog Candy Shop

What else is there to do on the subway? Show your devotion with a love poem or two. 



Dog Candy Shop

Double your support with a pin AND sticker. Great for laptops, phone cases, or notebooks. 

Dog Candy Shop

In the name of DOG. 

Worry Dolls

Dog Candy Shop

Tell each doll one of your worries and place them under your pillow at night. 

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

You can shop now by clicking HERE

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