Otis’s 4th Birthday Pawty

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December is a big month! Along with Christmas, Hanukah, and the end of the year, there are also some pugs to celebrate! A few fabulous puggies (and wanna-be pugs!) were born this month – our good friends OtisGiles, and our very own Marcelo, and Hamilton and Rufus have Gotcha Day anniversaries.

With so many puggies to celebrate, it was only right to get together and throw a huge pug party in a swanky hotel. Luckily Otis and his Mama made it happen.

Official Invite

All of the pugs and their friends got together at the pet friendly Andaz Hotel in NYC to party. It was a great time to catch up with friends, sniff some butts, and eat cake. Ain’t no pawty like a pug pawty!

Count the pugs!

There were pugs in costume, naked pugs, festive pugs, pugs in party hats, pugs in bags, hungry pugs, panting pugs, pug mixes, black pugs, fawn pugs, and even a white pug! (Shout out to Marshmallow).

Madrette the paw reader stopped by, and she read each puggie’s paw and revealed their inner most desires (hint: most involved food).

Inky gets his paw read.

The pugs couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the spread of food…and the CAKE!

Pugs have the best expressions. Here’s Hamilton.

It was a festive and fun time! Here are more photos, if you’d like to see. A huge thank you to Otis and Milo, to our NYC pug family, and to the Andaz hotel. Until next year!

Ballerina pug Daisy! A tutu + begging eyes near the food table = trouble.

Pug chaos.

It’s that time of year!

Pug kisses!

Hamilton was reunited with his best friend Finn for his Gotcha Day. They go together like burgers & fries.

The floor is lava.

As the night wound down, puggies got in their bags to head home and wait for Santa, and Otis reminded his little bro that it was his party. The night wouldn’t be complete without some pug wrestling and special hugs.

Poor Milo!

Get home safe Freckles.

Happy 4th Birthday Otis!

The birthday boy!

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