Want to add a pug to your family? Let's talk all about pug prices. Here's how much a pug will cost you. Welcome to the pug club!

How Much Do Pugs Cost? Let’s Talk Pug Prices

Want to add a pug to your family? Welcome to the pug club. But how much do pugs cost?

If you’re wondering how much it costs to buy a pug, you’ve come to the right place!

Pugs are such funny and lovable little dogs. They’re incredibly versatile, and great for both children and seniors, in apartments or houses, and in the country or city. 

Their good looks, charm and loyalty make them very popular, so getting a pug won’t come cheap. Here’s what you need to know about pug prices before you take the plunge. 

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Want to add a pug to your family? Let's talk all about pug prices. Here's how much a pug will cost you. Welcome to the pug club!


The following information regards prices in the United States. If you’re located in another country – sorry! 

So, how much are pugs? 

The cost of a pug depends on:

There are three factors that go into the pug price:

  1. Location – prices can vary from state to state.
  2. Dog pedigree – did the puppy’s uncle win Westminster? If so, he’ll cost more! Puppies from champion lines (“show quality”) cost more than puppies who are “pet quality.” 
  3. Time of year – late spring and winter holidays tend to be busy puppy buying seasons. 

A pug puppy looks at the camera.

How much do pugs cost if…

  • I rescue my pug from a reputable rescue?
  • I buy a pug from a reputable breeder?
  • I want a specific color pug?

How much do pugs cost if I rescue my pug from a reputable rescue?

Adopting a pug is often the cheapest route to take if you’re looking for a pug – plus, you’ll be saving a life!

Prices usually range from $150 to $500.

Some rescues charge a flat fee to adopt a pug, while others vary in price and depend on factors like the pug’s age (puppies will cost more than seniors). 

If you’re looking to adopt, check out this complete list of pug rescues in the United States.

How much do pugs cost if I buy a pug from a reputable breeder?

If you are buying a purebred pug from registered parents you can expect to pay anywhere from about  $1,200 – 2,500. If your pug comes from a champion line and is show quality, they can cost even more. 

The price will depend on many factors, such as the quality of the dog’s pedigree and the area of the country. 

Can you pay less for a pug from a reputable breeder?

Actually, yes.

Sometimes breeders may have adult dogs to place in good, loving homes after they’ve retired from the show ring or breeding. These retired pugs are usually spayed or neutered and cared for as beloved pets. In many cases, they are still only a few years old and get placed for free or for a small fee.

Some breeders may list these dogs on their website, while others may just keep them as pets until the right home comes along. If you have a breeder in mind, but sure to ask them. 

Why are pugs so expensive?

Pugs are expensive because they have small litters, often need a C-section to give birth, and because they are a popular breed in high demand.

The average size of a pug litter is 4 to 6 puppies. Pugs are prone to health issues, and can have complications during and after pregnancy. Expensive vet bills, and excellent care, are not cheap, meaning that puppies will cost more. 

A black pug puppy looks up.

How much do pugs cost if I want a specific pug color?

According to the American Kennel Club, pugs come in three colors:

  1. Silver.
  2. Apricot-fawn, with a black face mask.
  3. Black. 

However, some may breed “exotic” colors, like white, brindle, panda or caramel. 

Exotic colors may cost more, and they’re often harder to come by. Learn more about pug colors here

Why you should never buy a pug puppy from a backyard breeder:

If you search for “pug puppy for sale” in Google, you’re bound to find plenty of Craigslist posts and cheap listings for pug puppies costing $200 – $600 a pop. 

Your eyes may bulge with excitement. A brand new pug puppy for less than $1,000? It sounds too good to be true! But that’s because, it is. 

These puppies are sold by backyard breeders. 

Backyard breeders are amateur breeders who breed dogs in substandard and unethical ways.  

They often do not provide proper care to the animals they’re breeding, in part because their emphasis is on money and not the animals’ wellbeing. 

Sure, you’ll save money initially by buying from a backyard breeder, but you’re far more likely to get a sick puppy that you’ll need to spend tons of money on at the vet. Plus, you’ll be supporting a terrible business that abuses dogs. It’s a lose-lose situation. 

So skip the cheap puppy ads and Craigslist posts and focus on finding a reputable breeder. Need help weeding out the bad guys? Check out our guide on How To Find A Reputable Pug Breeder.

If you're new to the pug life, then you might be surprised to learn that pugs shed an insane amount. Here are tips to help manage pug shedding. 

The extra cost of getting a pug:

The price you pay to own a pug is just the beginning.

After that comes other expenses, like vaccines, check-ups, food, supplies, pet insurance, training and more. 

You’ll be spending not just money, but a lot of quality time with your new pug. They’ll require constant care and training – puppies can’t potty train themselves! 

The bottom line: getting a pug is a serious time and financial investment, but it’s more than worth it because pug love is priceless!

How much did your pug cost?

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Want to add a pug to your family? Let's talk all about pug prices. Here's how much a pug will cost you. Welcome to the pug club!

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  1. Kleiner is a 1 1/2 year old black pug. I got him from a breeder in Illinois. I found this site seeking dog food recipes for my pug. I have him on a high grade dry food but there are still the concerns of quality control and all the ingredients I cannot pronounce, if you can’t pronounce it it probably shouldn’t be in your dog’s food much less your own. I like your suggestions for other things in the dogs diet besides just the home made foods. I would really like to have portions information. I know the homemade food for an adult pug is 1 1/2 cups per feeding twice a day. But what about portion sizes for the other things could you send information to me for portions and other supplements. I research the suggested Nupro Nutri-Pet All Natural Supplement for Dogs, I found it conflicting that the supplement has garlic in it. Garlic is toxic to dogs and even a small amount to some dogs can be fatal. Thank you for any feedback that you can supply.
    Tammy D

  2. So I have had several pugs.. the first pug I got was a stud retiree he was about 5 when i got him..he was a lump of sugar i loved him so much.. i paid 120.00 for him. the next one I got was a rescue from Salt Lake City he was fawn. he was 65.00 he was about 8 when i got him. After him I got a black pug puppy my first puppy ever at 44 years old Mason. he is not papered but really a good looking pug on the larger side at 27# i paid 800 for him. he was worth every penny. I then in December of 2019 got another black pug Marley He could have been papered akc he was 10 mos old when i got him he is 14# soak n wet.. tiny little bundle of love. The breeder is a friend and she sells them for 1200 i got marley for 600. hes the littlest guy ever.. so that is my history for the 2 I have now i paid 1400.

  3. Hi I purchased my baby girl a black pug through a breeder for 1400.00 as I was driving to pick her up the breeder called me to say my pug Shirley has a mass on her inner right eye yes I immediately called her vet to be so I took my chances because I was emotionally invested turns out Shirley also had a hernia. I should had done more homework I just trusted this lady turns out Shirley was the 4th litter not good. End of story my babygirl gets neutered and lump on eye removed this coming Tuesday.

  4. I’m in Metro Detroit, and my first Pug puppy was 600.00 10 years ago. Turned out to be a backyard breeder/puppy mill situation, which I saw once I got there. The woman was waiting outside with him, and he was so sad looking, I couldn’t leave him there. He was also very very sick with all kinds of things. By the time we got him well, I was at least a couple thousand dollars in. I love my Rupert more than anything, he was totally worth it. I recently got another black pug (Roman) from a reputable breeder for 1000.00. I’d been looking for a year and got really lucky. A lot of breeders have wait lists, it’s a good idea to get on a couple as soon as you decide to get a pug.

  5. I think you would want the Pug to get 200000they may never get home . Sad for pug. Beautifull breed. Poor have to wait years to get home until adult

  6. I bought a champion line pure bred Pug in 2008 for $800 and he came with a full medical record. He was just 8 weeks old and the runt of the litter. Well he just turned 13 years old and is healthy and is still a little tank. No fat on him and he has been to many states while I was active duty. He is about 24 pounds. He’s been a trooper and I hope I have many more years with him. He’s an angel but can be stubborn as an Ox.

    1. I just want to point out that some people can breed thier pugs who are not
      breeders but love having puppies. My last Pug we breed twice she was 12 when she passed last year, each time sold the Pugs cheaper than a breeder ($600) and vetted every buyer as they were our babies too. Not all amateur breeders are bad.

  7. My Oscar passed in Aug 2018. He was 18 and I paid $800 for him. I was a single Mom but he stole my heart. The best 800 I ever parted with. Stay on the bridge and wait for me baby boy!!

  8. Just wanted to say that Covid has jacked the prices up on all Pugs. Cheapest I could find in a four state search was $1000. Most were $1500. None had health testing.

  9. I bought my baby girl Nuebi (number nine 9) in Spanish and CHamoru -Guam’s native language for 800 down from 1200.
    I guess being the armature myself, I didn’t realize that the breeder was in fact a back yard breeder to the tenth power! My neni girl was the runt and she imprinted on me the moment ours eyes locked on each other. I lost her last year without warning. It devastated me. After a few months of sadness, I reached out to the breeder in hopes of getting another pug-pug. Sadly he said he no longer bred pugs. I told him my story about my girl and he saud he had an older female (9or10) and he would talk to his family about giving her to me. I was ecstatic.
    When he called for me to pick her up saying she was ready. ( I assumed she would have been bathed and nails trimmed amd the like).
    Upon my arrival, I found 5 older pugs all sickly and riddled with kennel rot!!! I was completely appalled!!!
    My Pug-Una (means First) had kennel rot so severe I almost cried. From the looks of it, she was bred and bred and bred. Over and over again. Her su-su’s (nipples) nearly dragged on the ground. Her teeth were rotten and she was so dirty, it tool several washings to get her clean.
    I fell in love with her immediately. She was after all an older sibling to my Nuebi.
    Una was blind. We discovered this after a day or so. OMG, but she was the sweetest and loveable old girl. I am broken hearted that she had a terrible infection in her uterus that took her from us after just 6 months.
    Una lived in a metal kennel on damp concrete all of her life. That is until she joined our family. Una was loved by my son and I and she died a happy and loved puf-pug. She learned how to play at an older age. She had her on bed-bed and blankie. She loved her stuffed animal and even had the natural instinct to “beat up that guy” which brought us so much happiness.
    To thus day, I am sad I lost my bubu girl Nuebi, but I would have never met Una, and have had the chance to shoe another pu-pug what it is liked to be loved. I loved her and still do with all of my heart. I deeply miss her. She was my son Zion’s baby. She imprinted on him. He was so gental and patient with her.
    Oh my heart aches to think we lost tow girls in six months time. My baby girl and
    Zion’s baby girl..both girls love were unconditional.
    I love Pug-Pugs!!!
    I miss them too much though.

    Sad in Guam,

    Mary Nolte

  10. Life is just better with a Pug. Never been happier. Got ours at 10 months old on Thanksgiving day. Prince Dukky..Our Dukkys a super star at the doggy park. Don’t ever want to live without him. Life is just better with a pug.

  11. I wish I could buy a pug for $500,I would even pay $1000 in Australia if you want to buy a pug it cost $3000 to $5000 it makes it so hard to have a puppy. Even other breeds are very expensive.

  12. Pugs are the best. we just lost our Isabella. She was 17. We have our male Farley and it was great having them together. They would pile into thier bed and snore every night. I am researching breeders now to find another pug.

  13. You made comment on backyard breeders sick dog bad deal i have 8 pugs all live in house they are family i have puppies healthy puppies I don’t breed for money i have made happy families two sides to every story heard you side tell other side there are people out there that are for real its rare

  14. I purchased a female pug, puppy ten years ago. I purchased her from a pug breeder who lived in the same city that I did. She was the runt of the little and so tiny. I already fell in love with her. I picked her out from a litter of six but she wasn’t quite old enough to go home with me. I was suppose to pick her up Christmas Eve but because of the holidays and out of town family gatherings, it just wasn’t possible. I called the breeder and told her that I would be picking up my puppy the day after Christmas, the 26th. On the 26th the breeder called me and told me that there had been an accident. She told me that something happened to one of my puppies eyes and they scheduled an appointment with a vet to have the eye removed. Long story short, I never did find out exactly what happened. When I finally went to pick up my puppy, I asked the husband of the breeder just what happened ? We were face to face and he said,” Oh, you know how puppies play . . . “ As it was, they decided not to have the eye removed and I’m so glad. She never was able to see out of that eye but I was told that it’s better to leave the eye in, if possible. I felt so guilty because, had I picked up this poor little thing on the day I was suppose to, her eye would have still been ok. The accident happened the day after I was to pick her up. I’m so glad I decided to take her anyway. Instead of $600 the breeder charged me $500. I didn’t that was much of a break but that dog was not staying with them. They had no dogs in their house or outside, of their own. The only dogs they had were the pugs which she kept outside YEAR ROUND ! ! ! I found this out because the breeder told me that she lost a stud during the summer. When I asked her what happened she replied,” Well, you know how hot it gets here in the summer time.” I was in shock ! I immediately responded by saying, “You mean to tell me that you keep those dogs outside ALL YEAR ROUND ?” She replied,” Yes.” At this point, I was sick to my stomach ! I really liked this breeder and thought she was very nice but after that bit of information, I felt very different and could not wait to leave ! ! ! Obviously, she was breeding STRICTLY for the money ! I was sooooo disgusted ! ! ! This lady is no longer breeding dogs because, supposedly, her husbands business was finally doing very well. I guess the breeding was just a supplemental income. She was an older lady and she had breed other types of dogs before. She had been doing this for several years. I only had my puppy, Soli, for nine years. I had to put her down October 29, 2020 because she had pneumonia and what the vet called a twisted lobe on one of her lungs. I was devastated ! The emergency vet told me that she could have surgery done but they did not perform the kind of surgery needed at this emergency vet hospital. The closest place to have the surgery done was two and a half hours away ! The doctor told me that they were not certain that Soli would survive the drive because it was so far away. She had to be in an oxygen incubator. I asked the vet if they had an incubator that I could either rent or purchase. Of course, they didn’t have one and at 2:00 am, no store was open that sold them. Time was of the essence because she was getting weaker and weaker. Coincidentally, I had just been released from the hospital four months prior from pneumonia and lung cancer. I knew how scary it was not to be able to get enough air and I did not want my baby to suffer. I had to go home and ‘sleep on it’ before I could make a decision. I didn’t sleep that night, at all. I knew what my decision was going to be but I just couldn’t face it that night. I went back the next day and put her down. I cannot even begin to put into words how f_____g difficult that was ! ! ! ! ! ! The vet told me that I did the right thing but that didn’t help much. I have an empty space in my chest. I would imagine it is similar to losing a child. For me, she was my child, my baby. I feel for parents who have lost children. It’s a horrible thing to go through. The surgery was going to cost anywhere from $8000 to $12,000. The biggest problem was that there was no guarantee it would help. That was a very, very difficult decision for me to make. Some of my friends and family thought that I was crazy to even consider spending that kind of money. I learned that money means nothing when you love something that much ! I took Soli with me EVERYWHERE I went so, that made it all the more difficult for me to lose her. I still cry, to this day, for my baby. She was the most loving dog that I ever had. I think about her everyday. I still have a fourteen year old pug and I truly love her too but I was more connected to Soli than I’ve been to any dog ! Soli was fawn colored. My fourteen year old pug, Jada, is black. Jada and I have been depressed ever since we lost Soli. I did not realize that dogs too, can get very depressed. I purchased Jada from a ‘backyard’ breeder but she, fortunately is a very healthy pug. I had two pugs previous to Soli and Jada which I also purchased from ‘backyard’ breeders. My first pug only lived to be one year and nine months as she contracted Pug Insepholitus(sp?) I had to put her down also. My other pug was hit by a car. Even though I purchased Soli from a breeder, I don’t think she was any healthier than my others and she was AKC. I guess just because you go to a professional breeder, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are better than ‘backyard’ breeders !

  15. I need to know how much do nonpapered pugs go for. A lady in my area is selling them for $3,000.00 to $5,000.00

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