A Merman in Rio

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Pugs are magical creatures. They’re little four-legged aliens with flat faces, wide eyes, and an infinite number of silly expressions. Pugs are well versed in the fantasy realm, so it was no surprise that Boogie was totally cool when he met a Mermaid.

Oops, I mean Merman!

Davi the Merman lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He spends his time swimming, sunbathing, and removing litter from the oceans of Rio. He’s a friend to all animals, and he wants to remind us to love each other and keep our earth clean.

Boogie is a regular Sebastian the Crab when it comes to the Mer-Species. He’s a loyal friend, playmate, and believer. These two beach connoisseurs couldn’t get enough of each other.
While Boogie was immediately all in, Marcelo took some warming up. As a puppy mill survivor, he is often shy around new beings – fish and human alike.
In no time, Davi had charmed him and they became the best of friends, cuddling on the rocks and splashing in the water.
After a magical day together, Davi swam off into the sunset as Boogie and Marcelo hopped in their carry bags and headed home for dinner. Spending the day romping around the beaches of Rio naked with a Merman friend was enough to make them sleep happily for over 12 hours. Dreams really do come true.
The moral of the story is: love is love is love is love. Don’t be afraid to meet new people – or fish! – when traveling, or to try new experiences. Boogie is fearless and always kind, and we strive to be too! Especially when traveling.
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